£4,000 gift saves the day for Bourne’s Butterfield Centre

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A donation of £4,000 saved the day for Bourne’s Butterfield Centre after its heating system flooded the building and forced it to close.

On Saturday morning the day room was found to be several inches underwater because of a leak from the hot water cylinder.

The centre had to close for two days due to water damage and although insurance will cover costs, it will not fund repairs to the heating system.

Now the Len Pick Trust has stepped in to help and work began yesterday to replace the leaking cylinder, which dates back to when the building was a hospital more than 30 years ago.

Staff worked all weekend to clean up the flood water, but the centre remained closed on Monday and Tuesday.

A dehumidifier was brought in and the carpet was cleaned professionally so the centre could reopen on Wednesday.

After hearing about the incident, representatives from the Len Pick Trust visited to look at the damage before agreeing to fund the cost of replacing the cylinder.

Manager of the Len Pick Trust Adrian Smith said: “The Butterfield Centre fulfils a need in the town and the loss of its hot water means that it would be closed to day care patients.

“We pledged the money because it is important that the centre is shut for the absolute minimum time.”

Manager of the centre Debbie Hague said: “We are very grateful to the Len Pick trustees for their very fast response to the news which will enable the centre to reopen with the minimum of delay.”

The cost of other work required because of the flood is expected to be covered by insurance.

The centre, a registered charity, has lost its county council funding so has to raise enough money to cover all its costs. Bourne Town Council has supported it with grants.

The centre provides a range of activities and facilities for elderly people, including freshly prepared meals and refreshments and chiropody services.

A domestic cleaning service and meals on wheels service is also based at the centre.

Alternatives Pregnancy Advice Centre also uses the building but it was unaffected by the disruption.