Adventurer Sarah Outen is back in Rutland after rescue

Sarah Outen has returned to Rutland after being rescued by the Japanese coastguard
Sarah Outen has returned to Rutland after being rescued by the Japanese coastguard

ADVENTURER Sarah Outen has returned to Rutland following her dramatic rescue from a storm by the Japanese coastguard.

She says she will now plan how to continue her London2London journey.

The 27-year-old former Stamford High School pupil was into the second year of her challenge to travel around the world using manpower alone when a storm destroyed her boat, Gulliver.

She was rescued on June 8 and had said on her blog she needed time to consider her next steps. Today (Monday) she revealed she had returned home.

Sarah said: “Since being picked up by the Japan Coast Guard and then flying home, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks as my mind and body recover, with much to sort out and deal with.”

She said the coastguard gave her the tracker from the boat so she has no way of knowing where it is but she is hopeful it will be washed up in a year or so.

“It might seem strange that I should be so attached to a boat, but that’s what happens. We were a team, each looking out for the other,” she said.

It took more than a day for the rescue boat to reach the shore. Sarah spent a few hours in hospital on a drip to rehydrate then stayed with friends to rest for a few days before returning to Oakham.

She said: “It all feels rather surreal still right now. To have swapped the rolling blues of the North Pacific for the rolling greens of the Rutland countryside in such a short space of time is rather mind-boggling and not just for me. This storm battered more than just Gulliver and me. And Charlie and Blossom. Our families and teams and sponsors and supporters and followers have also taken a hit. I am just thankful we made it out alive.

“I am very grateful to everyone for their support and kind messages – during this mad time and throughout the expedition so far. I travel solo mostly, but it is most definitely not a solo effort. Without the belief and commitment of so many people, we would never have even made it to Tower Bridge for the start of London2London. To the Japan Coast Guard and Falmouth Coast Guard for their efficiency, professionalism and support; to my Tokyo pals who looked after me and my Team Choshi friends for coming up to welcome me ashore; to my team and my family and friends; to sponsors and supporters and charities, schools and everyone following and joining in: thank you.”