Amanda Seyderhelm’s inspirational book

Amanda Seyderhelm
Amanda Seyderhelm

A WOMAN has penned a book on her battle with cancer and how it inspired her to change her life for the better.

Amanda Seyderhelm wrote a diary of her experiences while she battled ovarian cancer between 2002 and 2005.

She has since turned the diary into her memoirs and has self-published her book, which is called Coming To My Senses: Finding My Voice Through Ovarian Cancer.

The book tells how Amanda, 50, decided to re-evaluate what was important in her life. Before she was diagnosed, she was a businesswoman running a literary agency in London but when she received her five-year clearance in 2010, she and her husband Peter moved to Stamford.

The couple have since moved to John Clare Close in Oakham.

Amanda, who works as a creative writing coach, Weight Watchers consultant and public speaker, said: “Several people had asked me what I had I done to get well because ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer so I decided to write my story in response to that.

“I had already kept a record of what was happening to me but when we moved to Stamford, I decided to finish the book. The timing felt right.

“It is a huge relief to be able to finish it off and draw that line. In a way, it is not about cancer, it is about how to survive a crisis.”

The book also has 22 of Amanda’s own colour paintings, which she says helped her to express her grief.

The book is dedicated to Amanda’s husband Peter, who has yet to read it.

It is available to buy online at priced at £19.95 and Amanda said she has already had good feedback.

She is donating 10 per cent of the proceeds from the book to Ovarian Cancer Action.

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