Boost for skatepark project after Bourne Town Council agrees to look at ‘running’ proposed facility

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PLANS for a skatepark on Bourne’s Abbey Lawn were boosted this week when town councillors agreed to consider running the facility.

Five councillors brought a motion before Bourne Town Council on Tuesday, urging their colleagues to reopen discussions on the plans.

The council initially refused to take on responsibility for the lease, management, insurance or maintenance of a skatepark, even though members said they were supportive of the plans.

Since then progress on the plans has stalled.

Coun Paul Fellows was among those who said that without the council taking a proactive role the facility may never be built.

Coun Fellows said: “All the town council agree that putting extra facilities in Bourne is important.

“If you talk to every single person in Bourne they say the town is growing at a huge rate with all the houses that are being built, but where are all the extra facilities for the people coming in, and the town council is trying to address that.”

It was agreed that four councillors will form a working group to work more closely with the Dimension Park committee, which is campaigning for a skatepark. The group would examine the costs involved in taking responsibility for it.

Bourne United Charities, which owns the Abbey Lawn, has agreed to allow a 46yd x 35yd plot of land behind the football goals to be used for the skatepark.

The council will invite Bourne United Charities chairman of trustees Dr Carl Pears and chairman of the estates committee Trevor Hollinshead to join the working party.

The skatepark is expected to cost between £115,000 and £170,000 to build.

Town clerk Nelly Jacobs said: “It was a very positive meeting.

“There were concerns from some members of the council that it will cost too much of the tax payers’ money but if we can get information together proving that the costs will not be too great then things are looking positive.

“Generally the council was very positive about the whole idea and just really want to do something for the youth of the town.”

Members of the Dimension Park committee have also contacted Stamford Skatepark Committee to arrange a date to meet up in October to share their ideas and experience on getting a site.