Brother of murder victim Cliff Clarke hopes killer will be brought to justice

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THE brother of Clifford Clarke is backing the new appeal which he hopes will bring the killer to justice.

Police have today launched an appeal asking for anyone who could help them in catching those responsible for the death of Clifford Clarke.

He was found stabbed to death in his flat in High Street East, Uppingham, in September, 2000.

His brother Colin, of Lyndon Way, Stamford, believes his brother’s trusting nature and a disability which made him shake made him vulnerable.

He described his brother as a friendly man, who would do anything for anyone.

Mr Clarke, who discovered his brother’s body, said: “Cliff didn’t deserve to die the way he did and I would ask anyone who knows anything to come forward. I think there are people out there who knew who it was.

“When it first happened it was really upsetting and shocking and although time is a big healer, the family will never have closure until justice has been done.

“What grieves me the most now is the people who did this to my brother are still out there loose and they could be doing the same to other people.”

Since his brother’s brutal murder, Mr Clarke, 62, has remarried and his wife Gill, 51, added: “I have heard such wonderful things about Cliff and I would have loved to have met him.

“Someone should not have taken him away from the people who loved him and it’s at family celebrations, like our wedding, that you really realise Cliff should be there and he’s not.

“We want to see justice done so we know that no other family has to go through what we have had to go through.”