Emma Rose of Morcott to promote business enterprise

Emma Rose
Emma Rose
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A BUSINESS consultant has been selected as an ambassador for entrepreneurial women.

Emma Rose, 39, of Church Lane, Morcott, is one of the first eight UK Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors to the European Union.

The role is part of an EU-sponsored community programme designed to reach out to women and encourage business enterprise.

Emma, whose own business is called The Capable Manager, was nominated for the role by the Cambridge branch of the Enterprising Women network.

She has already been to the European Commission headquarters in Brussels and will travel to Poland next month for an inauguration ceremony.

As The Capable Manager, Emma was recognised as an inspirational role model by women who attended her lectures and training sessions on using social media for business.

“Being entrepreneurial is a state of mind, a set of skills, a way of working.

“I help companies and individuals with all three.

“I’m delighted to have been recognised for my work.”

She will be expected to get involved in conferences, webcasts, workshops, debates and activities at schools and universities.

Emma is already working with Rutland Telecom to improve service and branding as the rural broadband company expands.

She is helping inspire funding for a Rutland youth ministry, lectures on leadership at Tresham College, is exploring opportunities to support Oakham School pupils studying business and is mentoring women in Stamford through the Talk Network.