SureStore Self Storage gets appearance on ITV’s Storage Hoarders

Presenter Aggie MacKenzie and a crew from TwoFour Productions film
Presenter Aggie MacKenzie and a crew from TwoFour Productions film

Staff at a self-storage company have been enjoying the spotlight after a crew filmed an episode of a television series there.

SureStore Self Storage, in King Street Industrial Estate, Langtoft, will be part of ITV’s show Storage Hoarders.

The programme challenges people who use the business to sort through their belongings and see if they can make any money by selling them.

Presenter Aggie MacKenzie came to the storage warehouse with a crew from TwoFour Productions to film an episode earlier this month.

One of the firm’s tenants was invited to go through their stored possessions and say goodbye to things with no value.

The programme’s team of experts Tom Keane, Paul Hayes, Perry Field and Tracy Martin helped them seek out any hidden gems and turn their forgotten collectibles into cash at auction.

SureStore spokesman Helen Linford said: “We were all very excited to be part of the programme and we’re all looking forward to seeing whether they found any hidden treasures in the unit.

“We were very fortunate to have lovely weather on the day of filming so we’re hoping to see some nice shots of SureStore and the estate.”

The full details of the episode have not been revealed but a preview from ITV suggests SureStore’s tenant manages to find gold in her search.

The series began on Monday and the SureStore episode will air on ITV1 at 2pm on August 28.