Video: Bourne is the best for business

Bourne is a great place for businesses to invest in, according to a brochure and video produced to promote the town.

South Kesteven District Council wants to sell its four main towns - Bourne, Stamford, the Deepings, and Grantham - to the rest of the UK.

An artist's impression of the Wherrys Mill redevlopment in Bourne

An artist's impression of the Wherrys Mill redevlopment in Bourne

In order to do that it has produced promotional videos and brochures, which it is sending to big businesses, landowners and investors, and displaying at trade shows and exhibitions.

The Bourne video focuses on the recent growth of the town, including the Wherry’s Mill redevelopment and the revamp of the Corn Exchange.

It also picks up on its motor racing heritage and promotes British Racing Motors as an example of how a small business can thrive and become successful.

Bourne Business Chamber chairman Paul Ross was impressed with what he saw. He said: “I thought it was fantastic and very professional.

“I think it’s the right kind of message to sent out. It promotes Bourne in a very good manner.

“We have come a long way from the sleepy town I moved to 15 years ago. I was very proud to see it.”

The council is understandably keen to promote the Wherry’s Mill redevelopment. It spent £2.14m refurbishing the vacant building to create seven ground-floor shop spaces and 14 first- and second-floor apartments.

Mr Ross said: “The video promoted it very well and by doing that they will bring in investment.

“They will make people aware of a town that they maybe hadn’t heard of before.

“The Wherry’s Mill development shows that we are expanding. And they gave excellent reasons behind the access point in the Corn Exchange.”

The council highlighted Bourne’s leisure facilities, including Bourne Outdoor Pool which was named among the best 30 lidos in the country by The Times.

Bourne’s excellent schools and transport connections were also included.

And Mr Ross was delighted to see a reference to the annual Halifax Quality of Life Survey, which named South Kesteven as one of the 50 best districts to live in the country.

District council leader Linda Neal (Con) said: “We have invested in all four of our towns and their respective attractive strengths, connectivity to the rest of the UK and the availability of a good workforce helped by some outstanding local schools.

“South Kesteven has a lot to offer and this why we are keen to spread the message nationally and internationally that we are open for business.”