Church 'saddened' by racist graffiti attack

POLICE are investigating the daubing of racist graffiti on a church.

Several racist messages were painted on the walls and window sills of Stamford Methodist Church, Barn Hill, overnight on Saturday.

Church officials found the graffiti before a Sunday morning service and cleaned it off.

Members say they have been saddened by the attack.

Officers at Stamford Police Station have slammed the vandals and are asking for the public's help in catching the culprits.

Police spokesman James Newall said: "The language in these messages was pretty disgusting and Lincolnshire Police will not tolerate it.

"We want the community to tell us who did this so prompt arrests can be made. Someone will know or will have seen them do it," he said.

Minister of the Methodist Church, the Rev Andy Fyall has thanked the people who cleaned up the mess.

He said that the tags were discovered on Sunday morning.

He said: "We were at the church until 10.30pm on Saturday night at a Fairtrade event and when we went to worship on Sunday morning, the graffiti was there.

"The clean up was done by one of our church members and our property secretary," he said.

The Fairtrade event at the church on Saturday night involved two Ghanaian cocoa farmers who were visiting Stamford to promote the Fairtrade movement.

"It would have been quite upsetting if the farmers had seen this," said Rev Fyall.

He added: "The church leadership is greatly saddened by this incident, and we are grateful to the members who cleaned it up."

The incident follows on from last week vandals sprayed graffiti on a roadsigns in South Road, Bourne.

Graffiti was found on a number of signs on a roundabout, a postbox, a slide and pathway.

Offensive words were also sprayed on the wall of a pensioner's home.

Mess was cleared by South Kesteven District Council.

Anyone with information about the incident at the church should contact police on 0300 111 0300, quoting incident number 504 of March 1.