Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader’s plan is accepted by panel

The county’s first police and crime commissioner has had his plan on how to tackle crime and policing issues accepted by a panel this week.

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader delivered his ideas to a police and crime panel on Monday.

Members of the panel voted unanimously to accept and support his plan.

Since taking over the new role in January, Sir Clive has consulted widely with members of the public and organisations with a view to reflecting their experiences and wishes in his plan, as well as making changes based on comments he had received from the panel.

Sir Clive said: “I am delighted that after several months of hard work and focus on the development of the plan, the police and crime panel not only accepted my final version but decided to support it fully.”

Sir Clive’s plan has six main themes aimed at improving community safety and driving down crime.

These are: reducing crime; making communities and neighbourhoods safer; mental health and wellbeing issues; dealing with offending and reoffending; supporting victims and witnesses; and protecting the vulnerable in society.

As well as reducing all types of crime, his plan’s policing priorities include providing a good quality of service and response to victims of crime and anti social behaviour, as well as creating a safe environment for the reporting of child abuse and sexual exploitation.