Police Column: Doorstep tricksters in Market Deeping and Stamford

Call police on 101 with information
Call police on 101 with information
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This week’s police column, written by community beat sergeant Rachel Blackwell, looks at distraction burglars and metal theft.

Doorstep Tricksters Update

Last week, I reported on suspicious door to door sellers, purporting to be deaf – either selling items or asking for funds for education.

Following this report, we had three members of our community ring to report similar incidents on Friday last week. One woman reported a man selling paintings at a house in Prestland, Market Deeping. The man was in his 20s, 6ft, with dark hair and a foreign accent. If you have information please call 101, quoting incident 146 of July 26.

Another caller rang in when an Eastern European woman arrived in a white car with two men and began going door-to-door, claiming to be seeking donations as she was deaf. Police attended and identified the woman involved, recorded her details and warned her against visiting residents at the door.

She denied any connection to the men in the white car, despite having been seen with them. They were sent from the area. No offences were committed thanks to the savvy home owner. Incident 327 of July 26

Later the same day, in Cambridge Road, Stamford, a homeowner called us after a visit from an Eastern European man who produced a card claiming to be deaf and selling items to raise funds. Incident 430 of July 26

I renew my appeal to local residents to report anything similar and not to feel that you are wasting our time.

So far, Stamford and the Deepings residents have successfully foiled attempts by door-to-door salesmen through being alert to the scam. The better informed we are about who is visiting in this way, the more likely we are to be able to deter their activities and catch them if they succeed in stealing anything.

Other areas have not been so successful at deterring dishonest visitors.

Thieves Arrested

On Saturday two men from the Birmingham area were arrested after a Thurlby homeowner reported the theft of an exercise weight bench which had been put on a driveway while a garage was being sorted out.

Thanks to the homeowner a good description of the vehicle was passed to police, who, after searching the Bourne area, located a van fitting the description with the stolen bench still on 
board. Both men were taken to Grantham police station where they were questioned, admitting the offence.

They were both given police cautions which will start a criminal record for the men who had no prior convictions.

Purse Theft

Following our report in last week’s Mercury about continuing purse and handbag thefts across Stamford, a shopper from Corby Glen found her handbag had been stolen while shopping in Morrisons on Friday last week.

The woman remembered being bumped into while at the trolley area by a man described as being of Mediterranean appearance.

Her bag contained her purse, cards and £150. Incident 205 of July 26

Road Rage Incident Update

On Friday I put out an appeal to witnesses who may have seen a road rage incident at the Scotgate traffic lights in Stamford, where a motorist got out of his car and struck a cyclist. We now have the identity of the vehicle and will be tracing the driver of it with a view to police action.

Thank you to the three witnesses who came forward. Incident 160 of July 26.

This is a really great example of how our messaging system, called LincsAlert, can get live appeals out to our community, and within hours have a result.

If you don’t know about LincsAlert, it is a messaging system which will keep you informed about unfolding police incidents, crimes that have occurred in your area, and ask for your help as witnesses.

You can receive the messages in a range of ways – telephone message, text or e-mail. If you’d like more information, you can register online at www.lincolnshirealert.co.uk.

If you aren’t a confident computer user, pop in and see us at Stamford, Bourne or Deeping police stations and we’ll set you up so you don’t have to use a computer at all.