Police in Bourne urge people to get involved after poor turnout at Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Panel

PEOPLE are missing the opportunity to set the policing agenda in Bourne according to an officer.

Just two people turned up to the Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Panel meeting at Bourne Corn Exchange on Monday night.

The panel meeting provides an opportunity for people to voice concerns they have, talk directly to officers and to set the policing priorities for the next three months.

PC Nick Smith said: “The meetings are there for the benefit of the public to address concerns and all I would say is if people don’t come to the meeting with their issues, then how can they be addressed? We can’t act on issues we don’t know about.

“There are village representatives on the panel and some of the bigger villages aren’t even represented.”

The meetings are also an opportunity to raise non-crime related issues, which can be passed onto the relevant organisation such as the district or county council.

PC Smith said among the three priorities in Bourne at the moment, set at the panels, was better police liaison with the community.

He said: “The panels are one of the ways we have of with liaising with the community. We need people to come to meetings and we have tried to make it more achievable for people to attend by moving it around.”

Only one member of the public turned up at the previous meeting.

The other priorities are motorists speeding through villages and litter and anti-social behaviour on the Wellhead in Bourne.

The next panel meeting will be held on Monday, July 11 at Morton Village Hall at 7pm and PC Smith is urging people to attend.

During Monday’s meeting, the only concern put to the panel was from a member of the public who complained motorists were ignoring the mini roundabout between St Gilbert’s Road and Exeter Street.

PC Smith said: “They don’t stop and this person said they have had a couple of near misses. It was noted and I would ask the people of Bourne to acknowledge the roundabout and pay more attention to it when approaching it.

“It is clearly signposted as a roundabout and anyone seen to ignore the stop signs will be dealt with.”

After the forum, members of the committee and police discussed the current problem solving plans which were set in January.