Police issue advice after shed burglaries in Billingborough and Bourne

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POLICE are offering security advice to residents after reports of sheds being burgled.

Two sheds in High Street, Pointon, have been targeted in recent weeks, as well as some in Bourne and the surrounding area.

On Thursday night a large amount of building tools including drills, saws and a cement mixer, as well as a mountain bike and petrol lawnmower were stolen from a brick outbuilding of a property in High Street.

Police believe the thieves would have needed a vehicle.

On July 23 a petrol lawnmower was stolen from another shed in the same road. It was pushed through a hedge onto fields near to Pointon Social Club.
Anyone with information relating to these crimes should contact police on 101.

Police have issued the following advice to shed owners:

Secure locks and hinges, use non-return screws or reinforced hinges to secure the doors of shed. Metal shed bars are available for £35 from the police. 
If your shed has windows, put curtains or a screen up to stop people seeing in. 
Secure valuable items with chains to anchor points on the floor.
Install dusk-to-dawn lights in your garden, or security lights which trigger when they sense movement. 
Security mark your property with an engraver, paint pen or UV marker and place stickers in a prominent place showing that your property is marked.

CCTV cameras can be purchased for a reasonable price and can provide valuable evidence to the police if they capture footage. Infra-red cameras will give better night footage. 
Fix shed alarms, avilable from DIY stores, which can activate when the door is opened or when they detect movement.

Restrict access to gardens by installing extra locks on the gate, putting in taller fencing or prickly bushes might make a thief think twice.
Register items on free service www.immobilise.com which allows police to track recovered stolen items back to the owners.

Make sure your home insurance sufficiently covers the items in your shed.

For further information get in touch with the Bourne and Billingborough neighbourhood policing team at Bourne police station, on 101.