Rottweiler destroyed after becoming out-of-control on a car journey

A vet was forced to put an out-of-control rottweiler to sleep because it was being aggressive in a car.

Stamford-based RSPCA officer Justin Stubbs was called to the A606 between Empingham and Stamford on Wednesday at about 7.30pm after receiving reports of an out-of-control rottweiler.

Two people from a rescue kennel in Essex had collected the 10-month-old dog from a foster home in Rutland.

But on the drive back to Essex, the dog became aggressive and the owners decided to get out of the car and call a vet to help.

Mr Stubbs and the police were called to assist.

Mr Stubbs said: “The dog was acting very aggressively, lunging at the windows from inside the car and barking and growling.

“We used a tranquilliser rifle to put the dog to sleep.

“The decision was taken by the rescuers and the vet to put the dog down because they agreed it was not safe to rehome.”