Rutland police and crime commissioner invites people to join panel to tackle anti-social behaviour

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Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader is inviting members of the public and community representatives to become part of a new advisory panel to help tackle anti-social behaviour.

In his first police and crime plan, Sir Clive has made it clear he wants to empower local people to make decisions about policing and have an active role in crime reduction.

As part of this aim, he is creating several consultation panels to build stronger relationships with communities in Rutland and ensure that policing policy reflects public opinion.

Anti-social behaviour remains one of the public’s greatest concerns and has been outlined as a key priority in the police and crime plan. Sir Clive is inviting victims, community representatives and youth workers to volunteer for the new panel to look more closely at this type of offending and to consider action to address the problem.

Sir Clive said: “I want to give people an official platform in which to share their experiences and have an input into the action taken to make their streets safer and these forums are just one way of doing this.

“We will encourage our communities to take more ownership and responsibility for local policing which will promote confidence and satisfaction.”

Anyone interested in joining the panel should visit, or call 0116 229 8980.