Stamford drug dealer who ran a ‘thriving business’ is jailed

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A drug dealer who ran a “thriving business” selling cocaine and cannabis on the streets of Stamford has been jailed for three years.

Michael Forsyth was trapped by dozens of text messages relating to drug dealing which were found on mobile phones discovered when police raided his ground floor flat in the town.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said officers carried out the raid in July last year.

He told Lincoln Crown Court on Friday: “This defendant is a street dealer of Class A and Class B drugs.

“He was dealing in cocaine and cannabis.

“It was a thriving business.

“A search warrant was executed and mobile phones were seized. Three phones had evidence of dealing.

“The phones were awash with texts from people asking to deliver.

“There were 25 different numbers that occur over those three phones asking for transactions.

“His customer base expanded beyond his immediate friends.

“A number of unidentified cash deposits were made into the bank account of this defendant totalling £9,000 over three months.

“It was a well-organised enterprise.”

When police called at his home Forsyth responded by admitting “I just deal a bit to help pay the rent.”

Forsyth, 30, of St Leonard’s Street, Stamford, admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply on July 14, 2012.

He also admitted supplying both cannabis and cocaine.

Recorder Nigel Daly told him “It would seem that this supply had been going on for quite a considerable period of time.

“There is no sentence that is appropriate other than immediate imprisonment for these offences.”

Neil Sands, defending, said that Forsyth had briefly sold drugs in 2009 but returned to dealing to help pay his bills.

He said: “He was not funding a luxury lifestyle.

“He was living in a modest ground floor flat.

“It was a sense of relief for him when he was caught.”