Two men jailed after cocaine found in house in Stamford

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POLICE who raided a house in Stamford found a stash of cocaine, Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Tuesday).

Three packages of cocaine containing 42 separate street deals of the drugs were recovered during the raid on the Parker Close home of Marc Potts and Joanne Graziano.

Potts was arrested at the scene along with his fellow dealer Adam Service. Graziano was detained after arriving later.

Grace Hale, prosecuting, said the cocaine had a street value of more than £1,500.

A set of scales containing traces of the drug was found in the kitchen along with a rolled bank note containing a line of cocaine.

Police also found a dealer list setting out in detail drug debts totalling £5,000 which were owed to them.

Text messages linking Potts to drug dealing were discovered on his mobile phone.

Messages on Graziano’s mobile indicated she was running drugs for then boyfriend Potts.

Mrs Hale said: “This was not low level drug dealing. However the drugs recovered were of low level quality.”

Marc Potts, 25, now of Essex Road, Stamford; Adam Service, 24, of Elizabeth Road, Stamford; and Joanne Graziano, 22, of Parker Close, Stamford; each admitted conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to supply between December 1, 2010 and February 26 this year.

Potts and Service were each jailed for three years and three months. Sentence on Graziano was adjourned until the New Year.

James MacDonald, for Potts, said his client began taking drugs at 13 and was on cocaine by the time he was 15.

Mr MacDonald said: “He is deeply remorseful for the impact this has had on his mother. He has moved back in with her in recent months and that has given him some stability which he realises he needed.”

He said Potts’ relationship with Graziano had broken down since his arrest and he had recently lost his job because transport difficulties prevented him getting to work.

Chris Jeyes, for Service, said: “He has had issues with drugs for a long time. Like so many people he began with cannabis. That has proved part of his downfall and has ruined his life.”

He said Service switched to cocaine because he was experiencing psychological problems from cannabis and then moved into dealing to pay for his own drugs.

Judge Sean Morris, passing sentence, told them: “Drugs wreck lives. They have wrecked both of your lives and the lives of your families.

“I have to send the message out that anyone who peddles drugs has to go to prison. When these matters are read about other people who may be tempted may then think twice before getting involved.”