Demand for path repairs after pensioner hurt in fall

Mary Patrick in Ryhall Road, Stamford where she fell
Mary Patrick in Ryhall Road, Stamford where she fell

A pensioner has called on a council to repair a pavement that floods regularly after she slipped in a muddy puddle and hit her head on a wall.

Mary Patrick, 76, of Essex Road, Stamford, was 
walking home along Ryhall Road after a hospital appointment on Thursday last week.

She came across a section of pavement near the hospital exit that had flooded, with a puddle about 3ft across blocking her way.

Mrs Patrick had to walk through the puddle to avoid stepping into the road.

But she slipped on the muddy pavement and fell, hitting her head on a low garden wall.

Mrs Patrick said: “If I’d fallen forward I would have drowned.”

She added: “I couldn’t get up because I have a bad arm. I was down a good five minutes before someone came.”

Mrs Patrick said the section of pavement flooded regularly and the puddle would often spill into the road, forcing people to either step through the water or wait for a gap in traffic.

She added: “Something has got to be done because it’s getting too dangerous.”

Mrs Patrick said the fall had shaken her up and she was in tears for two days afterwards.

She called on Lincolnshire County Council to take measures to stop the flooding.

Joyce Bentley, 76, of Blackstones Court, Stamford, agreed with Mrs Patrick that the pavement was dangerous when it flooded.

She said: “There are a lot of elderly people in our area. A lot of them go to the hospital.”

Mrs Bentley said she knew of at least one woman who had fallen on the slippery pavement.

She added: “If you walk around it you get a lot of abuse from motorists.”

The county council’s area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “We are aware of this problem. The drainage is getting blocked with mud from the grass verge.

“This is caused by motorists parking their vehicles on it, so please don’t park here.

“We wish the resident a speedy recovery.”