Dog owner hopeful after psychic comes forward

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A PET owner is still not giving up hope of finding his border terrier Cyril after he was contacted by another psychic claiming he knew the whereabouts of the dog.

Peter Smurthwaite’s pet escaped from his garden in Aldgate, Ketton, just 24 hours after they moved to the village.

He called on the assistance of psychic Catherine Walker, from Wales, who said she had seen Cyril chasing rabbits in a quarry.

After hearing about the story, Mr Smurthwaite was contacted by an animal spirit guide called Jason who claims he has seen images of the dog running around golf courses.

Mr Smurthwaite said: “Jason said Cyril had been feeding on mice and rats and running around golf courses in the area. He said that people playing golf have seen him and shooed him off. If anyone has seen him I would urge them to get in contact with me.”

If you have any information on Cyril’s whereabouts call Mr Smurthwaite on 07975 729132.