‘Don’t dice with danger’

Lonsdale House
Lonsdale House
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POLICE have warned of the dangers of entering derelict buildings after two fires were started in Oakham on Wednesday night.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service was called to Lonsdale House in Barleythorpe Road, Oakham, at 8.25pm to put out two small fires inside the house which had been started deliberately.

The house was a hall of residence for students at the former Rutland College. It is on land owned by Tresham College.

It has been closed and derelict for a number of years and is out of bounds to students at Rutland County College.

Sgt Lee Morris, of Rutland police, said: “We were called to the scene and will be doing a full investigation.

“It was an irresponsible action which could have resulted in serious injury.”

Sgt Morris said derelict buildings were boarded up for a reason.

He said: “Lighting fires makes it significantly more hazardous and whoever set them put their own lives at risk. Please don’t do it.”

The house is part of the Tresham site which has been sold to an unnamed supermarket.

Rutland County College is moving to a new site in Barleythorpe in September.

A Tresham spokesman said: “It is our policy to make any site safe. We have been into the house and tidied up and made sure there is no danger to passers-by or students.”

Carl Smith, head of Rutland County College, which is run by Casterton Business and Enterprise College, said: “The site is out of bounds for our students and we actively encourage them to stay away from it. We would never allow any of our students near it and they know to stay away.”

The fires caused minor damage to the bulding interior.