Edith Weston slimmer loses 12st thanks to Diet Chef plan

Claire, with her partner Faith, when she weighed 24st.
Claire, with her partner Faith, when she weighed 24st.
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A super slimmer says her life has completely changed after she became more active on her way to losing a massive 12st.

Claire Huxtable, 42, of Severn Crescent, Edith Weston, admits she was a “heart attack waiting to happen” when she reached 24st.

Claire now after losing 12st.

Claire now after losing 12st.

With a sweet tooth, her diet consisted of lots of biscuits and sugar-filled foods, and she even confessed to having a phobia of fruit.

But it all changed when her partner Faith, who is in the Army, was deployed for 18 months.

Claire decided she wanted to make a change before Faith came home so began a food plan called Diet Chef.

The plan restricted her to 1,200 calories a day, and provided her with a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Claire lost so much weight that when Faith arrived, she did not recognise her.

Claire now is now healthy 12st and dress size 14. She is determined never to go back to her old ways.

She said: “It’s been amazing and really has changed my life.

“I remember having a picture taken when I was at a Christmas party before I lost the weight and I just looked ludicrous. I was a size 32.

“Now I’m really am enjoying myself and I’m much more outdoorsy.

“I’m out and about more, I go on walking holidays, I enjoy swimming and I can now 
ride a bike, which I couldn’t before.”

Claire’s typical daily diet when she weighed 24st was; toast with butter for breakfast; sandwiches, packets of crisps, chocolate bars and a fizzy drink for lunch; and pizza, chips and garlic bread or takeaway for tea. She also snacked on chocolate biscuits.

But now her typical day with the Diet Chef plan includes a cereal bar for breakfast; protein bar or salad for lunch; and a vegetarian ready meal for tea.

Claire said she intends to stay on that eating plan for the foreseeable future. She also now always looks to choose the healthier vegetarian option when eating at restaurants.

Faith, 34, was so impressed with the diet plan she began it herself and lost 5st.

Claire has two daughters Natalie, 25, and Emily, 25, and two grandchildren Thomas, three, and two-month-old Grace.

She works as a nursery teacher at The Ark Nursery in Oakham.

Claire said: “The parents at the nursery thought I had a gastric band when I came back after last summer but I had to tell them I did it all myself.

“My girls think it’s really strange but they are very proud of me.”