Trip of a lifetime for Catmose College pupils

The pupils who took part in the project.
The pupils who took part in the project.
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Pupils from a school in Oakham have taken part in the trip of a lifetime, helping to build an orphanage for children in Africa.

The 26 youngsters from Catmose College spent their Easter break helping volunteers who are working on the Eugemot Orphanage in Accra, Ghana.

Pupils Georgia Harris and Jemima Feeley help with the project.

Pupils Georgia Harris and Jemima Feeley help with the project.

Over the past 16 months, the pupils worked tirelessly to raise the money needed for their travel, food and building supplies for the project, including washing cars, packing bags, holding concerts and selling cakes.

The Eugemot Orphanage is home to 56 children, who are aged between eight months to 17 years.

During their 10-day trip, the pupils laid a new concrete floor for the building under the guidance of community project organisation Venture Force. They also learned and experienced the culture and donated football shirts and boots to children at the centre.

Principal Stuart Williams said: “The team worked tirelessly, not only mixing the cement and building the floor while out there, but in the long lead up to making it happen.

“Every penny needed was raised by the students. It is this level of commitment and hard work that is at our very core and I’m pleased that Catmose College was able to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

To lay the floor, each day the youngsters had to carry a bucket of water from the nearby river. Every wheelbarrow of concrete had to be mixed by hand before being wheeled to the building to be laid.

Pupil Olivia Tinkler said: “I didn’t think I could carry that much, but I did. I could see what we were doing, so worked through the being tired. I’m really happy that I did. I can do anything now.”