Ex-pats: Send a message home

Are you living abroad and wanting to send a message back home to Stamford, Rutland, Bourne or the Deepings -well here's your chance.

The Mercury has started this special messaage board for all those people who have left Stamford, Rutland and Bourne in search of a better life or at least a good time for a few months overseas. Or you may be away from home serving with the Armed Forces.

Why not send a message back to your home town or village through the Mercury website.

E-mail your messages to smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk and we will put your messages on this page for all to see back home.

Click on our map of the world to see who's on there or add your own marker and message. Map


Hallo all friends from Stamford, Oakham,the Community Church, Free Church, Stamford High School, Ryhall village and Primary School,

We are doing fine!We miss home every day! Email us soon!

CHrissy and CHarlie Bassett Bethany, Oklahoma.

To Mark in San Francisco. Email us in Oklahoma! We are visiting SF in September! cbassett@cox.net

Charlie and Chrissy Bassett

I read something about PAUL ULYATT on your homepage. I am searching for his brother Mark Vincent Ulyatt. May be somebody can help me. Contact the Mercury at smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk

Anna Harant-Hermanns