Lincolnshire Trading Standards issue warning about ‘unscrupulous’ door-to-door fishmongers

Trading standards officers are appealing to Lincolnshire residents to help them reel in unscrupulous fishmongers.

In recent weeks Lincolnshire Trading Standards has received a number of complaints about dodgy door-to-door fish sellers operating in the area.

Senior trading standards officer Angela Kane said: “We are hearing from people who have been pressured into buying fish from door-to-door sales people. The fish is often overpriced, unlabelled, misdescribed and often out of date. We are also finding that fish labelled as fresh has been previously frozen and is not being transported in refrigerated vans, both of which pose significant health risks to consumers.

“Customers are initially told the fish costs just a few pounds, but on delivery are subjected to a hard sell and bullying tactics, where the price then greatly increases.”

If a fishmonger comes to the door, Lincolnshire Trading Standards’ advice is to stick to three golden rules:

- Always get a receipt with the contact details of the seller, and a list of the price and type of fish purchased.

- Always check the identity of unknown callers.

- Do not allow door-to-door sellers in your home.

If you have been offered or have purchased fish from a door-to-door salesperson who you suspect may not be genuine, please record as much information as possible regarding dates, times, vehicle details and business details and report to Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341 or at