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Police want to question this man about the theft of alcohol from Sainsbury's in Bourne during the evening of February 6

Police want to question this man about the theft of alcohol from Sainsbury's in Bourne during the evening of February 6


Police have released a number of CCTV images in an appeal for help tracking down several people suspected of theft.

Three men are wanted for questioning in connection with the theft of alcohol from Sainsbury’s in Exeter Street, Bourne, at about 8pm on Thursday last week.

If you recognise any of the men call 101 quoting incident 63 of February 7.

The man in the hat, pictured above right, is thought to have stolen three bottles of Magnatec engine oil from the BP garage in Scotgate, Stamford, at about 4.40pm on February 2.

Footage shows him picking up four bottles and leaving the shop without paying. He then came back shortly afterwards with just one bottle and asked staff if they had any more, before putting the bottle back on the shelf and leaving.

Call PC 810 Jamie Flint at Stamford police station on 01780 752222, extension 3644, or e-mail jamie.flint@lincs.pnn.police.uk if you know the man.

The woman pictured right is believed to have stolen a top from the Oxfam charity shop in High Street, Stamford, on January 15.

According to police she is seen picking up two tops from a rail, rolling one up and putting it in a plastic bag. She puts the other top back on the rail, picks up a similar one to the one she has in her bag and inquires at the till about it. She then puts that top back on the rail and leaves the shop.

If you recognise her, call PC 149 Scott Cenci on 01780 752222 extension 3644 or e-mail scott.cenci@lincs.pnn.police.uk.

Officers are also investigating a series of other thefts and vandalism.

The BMX bike pictured below was stolen from Torkington Street, Stamford, between 10.30pm on January 24 and 8am the next day. The bike, worth £250, was chained to a drainpipe. Call 101 if you have any information.

Two jackets were stolen from shops in Stamford.

A tan leather jacket and a set of cufflinks were taken from a shop in St Mary’s Street on Tuesday. If you saw anything, call police on 101 quoting incident number 95 of February 11.

And a navy jacket worth £135 was stolen from a shop in High Street at about 3pm on Tuesday. Incident 210 of February 11. Police will not say which shops were targeted.

A home in Sargents Court, Stamford, was burgled on Tuesday night. A wallet was stolen. Incident 74 of Feburary 12.

An iPhone 5 was stolen from the Recreation Ground area of Stamford at about 7pm on Tuesday. Incident 332 of February 11.

A set of number plates was taken off a car either in Churchill Road or Uffington Road, Stamford, between 6pm on January 28 and 9am on January 29. If you saw anything, call police on 101 quoting incident 119 of January 29.

The front and back windows of a red Renault Clio in Great Close, South Witham, were smashed at about 1am on February 2. Incident 118 of February 2.

A red Vauxhall Zafira in New Cross Road, Stamford, was scratched on the driver’s side during the last week. Incident 121 of February 10.

Several windows were damaged in Stamford. A pane in St George’s Square was smashed at about 10pm on Saturday. Incident 393 of February 8. And three panes in St Mary’s Street were broken between Friday and Sunday. Incident 113 of February 10.

Finally an upstairs window of a home in Thackers Way, Market Deeping, was smashed at about 9pm on Monday. Incident 122 of February 11.




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