Loved-up pair are the happiest couple in Stamford

Proposal at Fine Foods Store, Stamford - Gareth Cole and his fiancee Bonnie Jensen
Photo: MSMP130214-025js

Proposal at Fine Foods Store, Stamford - Gareth Cole and his fiancee Bonnie Jensen Photo: MSMP130214-025js


Love is in the air for a romantic couple who got engaged in front of scores of onlookers outside a shop in Stamford town centre.

Bonnie Jensen was reduced to tears when her partner Gareth Cole pointed to a cake on display in the window of The Fine Food Store, which presented the words in icing ‘Will you marry me?’

Gareth then got down on one knee to ask her the big question yesterday.

Big cheers and a round of applause went up in the cafe, in St Mary’s Street, as Bonnie nodded in response and Gareth put the ring on her finger.

“Gareth told me we were going to The George for lunch but then he stopped outside the window,” said Bonnie, 25.

“It took me a while to register what was happening but when he pointed to the cake and got down on one knee I cried.

“We had talked about getting married before but this was a complete surprise.

“I had joked that if he proposed on Valentine’s Day I would’ve said no because it’s just like every other couple but he did a really good job.

“It’s a beautiful cake and ring, and it all took my breath away.

“I’m still shaking.”

Gareth, 34, of Drift Avenue, Stamford, said: “I thought it was a really unique way of doing it and that a proposal cake would be quite a good call.

“I asked the question ‘Miss Bonnie Jensen, will you marry?’ and then the instant tears were a give away.

“It was lovely seeing everyone clapping inside.

“I suppose we are the happiest couple in Stamford.”

The pair met over the internet 17 months ago. Bonnie lives in Salt Lake City in the US and after messages and FaceTime calls Gareth flew over to meet her a month later.

The couple have been flying back and forth ever since as their love for one another has grown.

The three-tiered cake is decorated with dozens of love heart sweets, a little personal touch that means a lot to the couple.

Gareth, who runs a self-employed painting and decorating business, said: “The love hearts are something that we’ve shared together. We’ve been sending them to each other while we’ve been apart.

“I’m just happy she likes the ring. It was the hardest decision of my life. It’s white gold and it fits her so I’m very happy.”

Bonnie said she has had the full support of her family and friends in the US when she has mentioned that she would like to move over to the UK to live with Gareth.

She said: “I think they had their suspicions he might propose to me.

“They have been really supportive and they say if I’m happy they’re happy.

“I need to sort my visa application out but I’m looking forward to moving here.

“I love Stamford, it’s beautiful.”

The cake was made by Lynn Fitzpatrick, who bakes cakes for the cafe.

She said: “It’s totally unusual. I’ve never been asked to do anything like this before.

“It was all Gareth’s idea. I decorated it with love hearts which is a bit of a thing between them.

“I was thrilled to bits to be asked. He’s a smashing guy and he wanted to do something special for his fiancée.”

The Fine Food Store owner Peter Holland, who is a friend of Gareth’s, said: “I was more than happy to arrange it when Gareth asked me. He asked me about the cake and we put out the champagne and sandwiches as a nice finishing touch.

“I was quite nervous for him but it was lovely to see how many people applauded he put the ring on her finger. It was a lovely atmosphere.

One onlooker who witnessed the proposal said: “It was very romantic. Not many men would go to that trouble.”

The couple are planning to have a romantic day together today before Gareth introduces her to his friends over the weekend to celebrate their wonderful news.




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