Plea for solution to flooding in King’s Cliffe home

Flooding at the home of Oliver O'Sullivan in West Street, King's Cliffe. EMN-140827-182124001

Flooding at the home of Oliver O'Sullivan in West Street, King's Cliffe. EMN-140827-182124001

A village resident whose home floods whenever it rains heavily has called for a developer to sort out the drainage on its new estate.

Since October Oliver O’Sullivan has had to deal with water running into his house in West Street, King’s Cliffe, during every downpour.

He believes the problem has been caused by the new Persimmon Homes development over the road. Water which used to disappear into the ground now runs from the Sovereign Grange estate into Mr O’Sullivan’s home.

“The council is blaming the builders and the builders are ignoring everything,” he said. “Our house has been flooded five or six times.

“The estate is built on a hill. The water comes down the road, down my drive and into the house.

“We get about two inches of water in the kitchen. When it happens all hell breaks loose.”

Mr O’Sullivan has brought his own builders in to put in a wall in his garden to stop the water.

“But water still came in a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

Mr O’Sullivan believes it is only his house that floods due to the slope of the hill. He said: “It comes across next door’s drive and into mine.”

Thankfully the water has never risen higher than the skirting boards, and has so far only made it on to tiled floors. But Mr O’Sullivan wants the problem sorting quickly.

He said: “I don’t know how long we can take it for. If we weren’t here at the time, how bad could it get?

“I don’t want to take legal action but it’s getting close if something isn’t done. Persimmon have written to me and acknowledged the problem. But I have not heard anything else. I get the feeling I’m getting the run around.”

No-one from Persimmon was available to comment. But Mr O’Sullivan showed the Mercury a copy of a letter sent by head of customer care Claire Dilley.

It said: “Our technical department have asked me to write to you to confirm that we have been notified by Northants Highways that you continue to experience flooding from our development during heavy rainfall and to offer our sincerest apologies in this regard.

“Our technical department are applying the utmost urgency to this matter and will be carrying out their investigations/remedials in due course.”




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