Police Column: CCTV images from supermarket thefts

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This week’s police column, written by community beat sergeant Rachel Blackwell, looks at a number of high-value thefts and a disturbing night-time incident.

Call police on 101 if you have any information on the following crimes or to report any non-emergency incident.

Leaf blower stolen from vehicle in Stamford

Between 10am and 11am on Monday an orange Stihl leaf blower was stolen from the back of a Transit dropside lorry parked at the playing field on Empingham Road, Stamford. Incident 198 of April 29.

Jaeger theft - Stamford

At 2.30pm on Saturday a coat costing £199 was stolen from the Jaeger store in St Mary’s street.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 45 to 50 years old, 6ft tall, of slim build with short black curly hair. He wore jeans, a zip-up jacket, and trainers. Incident 254 of April 27.

Waitrose Stamford - High value vodka theft

PC 269 Brady is investigating the theft of 31 bottles of vodka from Waitrose in Stamford on Sunday, April 7. The man pictured is believed to have stolen £500 worth of stock, having concealed the bottles with empty hessian Waitrose bags, leaving the store with them concealed.

Crime reference number 32130010107

Tesco Market Deeping - Nappies and baby milk stolen

PC 928 Bentley is investigating the theft of baby milk and nappies from Tesco in Market Deeping on Friday, April 12. The three men pictured are believed to have stolen £450 worth of stock from the store.

Crime reference number 32130013948

Prowler – Badger Lane, Bourne

Shortly after 7pm on Friday last week a Bourne resident discovered a prowler in her back garden.

It is believed the intruder may have tried the door handle at the back of her home in Badger Lane. There was no plausible reason for him to be in her enclosed back garden.

The prowler is described as a white youth, aged 15 to 17 years of ages. He had black hair, appeared scruffy, and wore a distinct black football shirt.

The homeowner challenged the youth, who could not account for his presence as he left the property.




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