Updated 5.30pm: Firefighters still at scene of scrapyard fire in Bourne

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FIREFIGHTERS are still on the scene of a major blaze at a scrapyard in Bourne.

Firefighters are currently tackling the blaze at BW Riddle in South Fen Road where between 800 and 1,000 tonnes of scrap metal and plastic is on fire and causing large plumes of smoke.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said crews were working hard to protect two buildings, and tanks containing engine and hydraulic oil.

Ten fire engines are still on the scene, preventing the fire from spread and damping down. Firefighters are wearing breathing apparatus.

Firefighters have come from Bourne, Stamford, Market Deeping, Billingborough, Corby Glen, Spalding, Crowland, Lincoln, Grantham, Metheringham and Sleaford and there is also a high volume pump from Gainsborough, a hose layer, hydraulic platform and a water carrier pump.

Water is being taken from the river and from local hydrants.

It is not thought that anyone has been injured in the blaze.

South Fen Road has been cordoned off by police and South Kesteven District Council is urging people to take precautions.

It is urging people to stay indoors and keep windows closed. There will also be updates on the district council’s website

The Health Protection Agency is also monitoring the situation.

Eye-witness Aaron Curtis, 19, who lives in South Fen Road, took pictures of the blaze, which started at 1pm today (Friday).

He said: “I just saw a lot of black smoke and then as I got closer I saw the flames.

“I used to work there so I just hope that no-one is stuck in there.”

Emma Hughes, who lives in Eagle Road, Bourne, was in South Fen Road when the fire started.

She said: “A lot of the workers were waiting watching the smoke out the front, and a lot of cars were stopping to give help.

“All that can be heard in Bourne at the moment is sirens!”

On Twitter, @SteveFairuz said: “Can see it from my house in Arnhem Way Bourne, lots of black smoke.”

And @LeeHarters said: “Massive fire out the back of Bourne. Whole heap of scrap metal up in flames.”

@yvonne_davidson tweeted: “Can’t see anything but can hear fire engines. Daughter just walked dog saw smoke & fire engines”

@jballinteriors tweeted: “You can see the smoke from the A605 Empingham Rd.”

On Facebook Bourne Golf Centre commented: “Plenty of dense black smoke! Relief for Bourne as wind is blowing the smoke away, would not want to be other side though.”

Darren Game, from Bourne Golf Centre, said: “It’s been going for about three hours or so and there’s no sign of it letting up. There’s still lots of black smoke and I can hear sirens going by all the time.”

Mark Hughes also said on Facebook: “I could see the smoke when I walked my dogs in the old quarry in Stamford.”

Carla Jinks added: “My partner can see it from his work at Meadow Drove and my friends can see the smoke from Gosberton near Spalding. I hope everyone is OK.”

Virginia Smith said: “Yes, it is on fire and there is loads of dark black smoke. My partner was in Billingborough and could see if from there. South Fen Road has been closed by the police.”




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