Video: Fotheringhay farmers donate hay to help Somerset flood victims

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A group of farmers have come together to help their counterparts in Somerset deal with devastating floods.

Bill and Jenny Martin, who run Walcot Lodge Farm in Fotheringhay, felt compelled to help the relief effort after seeing the damage caused to farms in the south west of the country.

Flooding in the Somereset Levels has left much of the county underwater and has forced many residents to abandon their homes.

On Friday the Martins sent out messages to a few friends asking for hay bales to send to stricken farmers to help them feed their animals.

And within hours they had been promised about 400 bales.

Jenny said: “We saw one farmer on the news who had lost everything. He had to move his whole herd because water had flooded everywhere.

“He was in tears and we just felt so helpless. We had about 15 bales spare and just thought ‘how can we get them down there?”

The Martins phoned several transport companies for help getting the bales to Somerset with no luck. But eventually they got an offer of help when they called Tesco.

Today (10 February) the supermarket giant sent a lorry to Walcot Lodge Farm to pick up the bales and take them to Somerset free of charge.

Jenny hopes other farmers will join the relief effort. She said: “We have flooded in the past at the moment we are fine.

“They have lost everything, and when the floods are gone they will have no grass to feed their cattle.”

Another delivery will be made later this week.

A number of flood alerts and warnings have been issued for the River Nene, which runs through Fotheringhay, latest information from the Environment Agency. River levels are expected to remain high for the next few days.




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