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A paratrooper who lost his lower leg in a roadside bomb attack has started a boot camp business with two Royal Marine friends.

Luke Morrison, 25, from Stamford, was badly injured in the blast in Afghanistan in February, 2011.

He underwent treatment and recovery work at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey and was fitted with a prosthetic leg in April last year.

Since then he has qualified as a personal trainer and, with friends and former royal marines Andy Pryce-Dyer and Steve Nolan, has set up bootcamp business Target Fitness.

The three men are now spreading the word about their new venture and hope to start taking bookings in February.

Luke, who remains a serving Paratrooper until May, said: “We want to get people reaching their fitness goals.

“If people want individual sessions we can do that or we can do group sessions as well.

“We want to keep it fun and exciting.”

The boot camp sessions will be open to anyone aged 18 or over and will be suitable for all fitness levels.

They will typically last between 45 and 60 minutes and will use a wide range of 
exercise techniques and equipment.

Andy, 25, from Whittlesey, added: “It is not going to be anything like the military. We won’t be shouting at you or being aggressive.

“You’ll enjoy yourself, work as a team, have a laugh and get fit at the same time.

“The boot camp isn’t aimed at super fit people. All levels are welcome.”

Initial sessions will cost about £6 and will be held on Saturdays in Stamford, although the group is happy to cater to other times and 

To find out more about the boot camp, please e-mail




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