Video: Lorry crashes into Sue’s Flower House

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Staff at a florist said it was lucky no-one was hurt after a lorry hit the front of the shop while turning a corner.

Nikki Longland and Amy Dickens were preparing the day’s products at Sue’s Flower House in St Mary’s Street, Stamford, when the lorry crashed into their shopfront at about 9.15am this morning (Monday).

The lorry did not stop after the collision, which brought down a large section of wood, metal and plaster from above the shop window.

Nikki said: “It’s lucky we weren’t putting the flowers out at the front.”

She added: “This has happened quite a few times but never that bad. Lorries always come up on the pavement. We have had to move customers out of the way before. It gets a bit tight.”

The lorry was caught on CCTV as it drove through the town and police are examining the footage. The pavement outside the shop has been cordoned off while debris is removed, but the florist is open for business.




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