Video: Strange light over Stamford may be TV stunt

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Suspicions are growing that a strange light filmed hovering over Stamford could be a stunt for a new TV show.

Videos posted on YouTube in the last few days show firstly the light over a cow field near Stamford and secondly the light hovering over the town, captured from Broad Street.

Since the Mercury posted the story online, several readers have come forward to say they were asked about “stange lights” by a TV crew in Stamford last week.

Robin Burgess said: “A few days back me and a friend were walking through Red Lion Square when a film crew stopped us and asked if they could interview us. They asked us questions such as what sort of things there were to do in Stamford, what we thought of it and of any ‘spontaneous activities’ as well.

“After telling them that not really that much happens for people of our age and explaining that the night life here was actually all right, he randomly asked us both if we had seen any strange lights in the night sky.

“We hadn’t actually seen it ourselves, so replying ‘no’ made him swiftly move on, but in context to other questions they was asking, it was a bit out of the blue.

“The interview lasted about five minutes and they said it was for a show called The Village which was to air on UKTV around November.”

Trudy Salandiak was taking part in Stamford Steampunk Festival when she was approached by a film crew worker.

She said: “He told us he’d come to scope out some ‘strange goings on’ in the area and wanted to know whether there was any truth in it.

“We laughed and suggested it was the steampunk thing, because he took a few photos of us, but he replied it was a separate interest.”

TV celebrity Stacey Solomon tweeted that she would be visiting Stamford to find out more for a series she is filming.

On Sunday she wrote: “Has anyone seen this? UFOs in the sky over Stamford! I’m off to check it out for a new TV taster on Tuesday #scared!”

A crew from Objective Productions confirmed they were filming in Stamford last week, although they have not revealed any more details.

And a video and story was quickly posted on UFO website

Our video shows sections from the two YouTube clips, which were posted by users Bernadette Fielding and Will Jenkinson (YouTube link contains strong language).

Did you see the mysterious light? Were you approached by a film crew last week? Get in touch at




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