Mayor Helen Powell won’t give up on bandstand dream

Bandstand Design'6, Westwood Drive, Bourne'13/03/12'Cllr Helen Powell with her design.
Bandstand Design'6, Westwood Drive, Bourne'13/03/12'Cllr Helen Powell with her design.
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BOURNE mayor Helen Powell has vowed to continue her bid for a bandstand in the town despite a new knockback.

Coun Powell has been campaigning for a bandstand to be built in the Memorial Gardens in South Street, which is owned by Bourne United Charities.

She hoped it could be built this year to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

But Bourne United Charities unanimously voted against allowing a bandstand in the Memorial Gardens at a recent meeting.

Coun Powell was informed that the trustees felt it was not an appropriate place for a permanent structure.

The trustees said a number of letters they had received expressed concern about a bandstand being located in a park that was created to honour the dead.

Chairman of the Bourne United Charities Trustees Dr Carl Pears said: “We responded to what we felt the public wanted.”

Dr Pears said the trustees were also concerned about the possible misuse of the structure as well as the on-going maintenance and liability issues a bandstand could create.

But he said: “Amongst the trustees there is a feeling of support and sympathy for what the mayor is trying to achieve.”

He said there is a possibility the charities would consider having a non-permanent structure on land it owns, but not the Memorial Gardens.

This has been arranged for the Bourne Festival and Classic Car Show which are both held on the Wellhead park.

Coun Powell is still hoping to see her vision through and has already raised £11,000 towards the project.

Some of the money came from a benefactor who used to live in the town pledged £10,000 in support after reading about the plans.

Coun Powell said: “The Bourne United Charities just don’t understand the project and the benefits of it.

“It will be a place where people will congregate together and will enhance the town.

“We have got to move into the next age.

“This has just made me more determined than ever.”

Coun Powell is in the process of forming a committee for the bandstand.

She said: “It would never have been their responsibility to take care of the upkeep and maintenance.

“We would be proud to look after it.

“If it is needed I will personally be privileged to keep it clean for Bourne.”

Coun Powell added: “I think if they gave us permission for the bandstand they would be proud of the results.”