Mum’s plea for drivers to slow down on Stamford road

Frances Williams and her son Oliver, 15 months ''Photo: SM240811-040ow
Frances Williams and her son Oliver, 15 months ''Photo: SM240811-040ow
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A COUPLE are calling for improvements on a busy road to stop speeding motorists.

Martin Williams, 29, and his wife Frances, 28, are fed up with cars speeding past their home in Little Casterton Road, Stamford.

Mr and Mrs Williams, who have a one-year-old son, Oliver, say the road is well used by walkers, school children heading to Casterton Business and Enterprise College and traffic heading into the town.

The couple fear someone will be injured and say part of the problem is down to the changing speed limit near their home. Drivers coming from Little Casterton go from a 60mph speed limit into a 30mph limit.

Their call comes after a three-car crash near their home.

Police are investigating the causes of the crash, which happened on Wednesday evening last week when a Vauxhall Corsa, Toyota Rav4 and Ford Focus collided.

The body which looks after road safety, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, has advised Mr and Mrs Williams to contact Stamford Town Council.

Mrs Williams said: “We feel that it is going to take someone dying before they do something.

“I was crossing the road with Oliver and this car came from nowhere.They had to swerve around the back of me otherwise they would have hit me.

“It’s 30mph past our house and they come from the national speed limit and don’t slow down.”

Press officer for the road safety partnership John Siddle said: “If anyone has issues with where the boundaries are then we ask them to contact us through their parish council.”