Obituaries: Jack Hales

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Jack Hales, of Witham-on-the- Hill, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 90.

Jack attended Cottesmore School, leaving at the age of 14. His family moved to Witham- on-the-Hill to farm on the late Lord Ancaster’s Estate.

Jack found true happiness in the countryside around the village. He met his future wife, Jessie, when she was working as a Land Girl on a neighbouring farm. They married in 1948 and spent the next 65 years together in Witham-on-the-Hill and have one daughter, Linda.

During the Second World War Jack served with the Home Guard and was a special constable after the war.

He was a member of Bourne Racing Pigeon Club and Peterborough Federation; a founding member of Stamford Pigeon Club, president of the Central Federation, Peterborough, and committee member of Witham-on-the-Hill Church estate and Witham-on-the-Hill branch of the Royal British Legion.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Father Peter Lister officiating.

Family mourners included: Jessie Hales (widow), Linda Charnley, Graham Weeks, Mary Taylor, Enid Brewster, John Brewster, Paul Brewster, Shani Lees, Emma Brewster, Rob Foster, Judy Clay, Tina Brewster, Bliss Anderson, Alex Guassardo, Jade Anderson, Rob Schwarz, Gwen Carpenter, Mary Lloyd.

Sympathisers included: Paul Boothman, David and Jo Stimson and Abigail (representing Mr and Mrs P Stimson), Anne Stimson, Mrs B Grange, Mrs D Magur, Wendy Reynolds (Alan Reynolds), Mr and Mrs M Hare (Dennis Read, Bourne Racing Pigeon Club), Mr W Pell (Mrs B Pell), John Key (John Bee), Jane Brewster, Tim Clarke (Grimsthorpe and Drummond Castle Trust),Karen Dungworth (Roger Dungworth), Eileen Noakes (Bill, Martin, Laura, Edward, James), Trudy Templeman (Francis Templeman, Miriam Wood and family), Sylvia Clay (family), Cher Bains, Elaine Thompson (Abbey Court Care Home), Will Stanton (Viv Stanton), Brian Hyde (Claire Hyde), Mick Dawson (Joy Dawson), Janet Kirkwood, Ian Kirkwood, Edna Rose (Rita Richardson), Christine Spratt (Tony Spratt), P Chappell (Mrs J Chappell), Miss P Maile (Mrs M Maile, Ms A Maile), Michael and Elaine Pell (Margaret, Stephen and families), Janet Taylor (Derek Taylor, Wendy Webb, Richard Clarke, Stamford and District Racing Pigeon Club), Mrs P Winterton (Mr K Winterton, Miss H Mason), Karen Parsons (Chris Parsons), Jack and Eileen Parsons (family), Yvonne Sandall (family), Dusty Miller (Eileen), John Purves, Roger Howland (Pigeons Central Federation, Peterborough), Eric Freeman (Richard Harris), Tim and Sylvia Smith (Sarah), Mr and Mrs Ray Alderman, Harry Reid, Paul Neill, Derek and Maralyn Lees.