Obituaries: Trevor Tilley

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The funeral service for Trevor Tilley, 53, of Brooke Road, Braunston, took place at Uppingham Church, Canon Rachel Watts officiating. Interment followed in the churchyard.

Donations of £259 were made to Loros, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice.

Trevor was the son of Margaret and the late Cyril Tilley and was educated at Uppingham Community College.

An injection moulder, he worked for RPC Containers and APAC Sales, in Corby.

Trevor was a supporter of the charity Loros, and his hobbies included fishing and gardening. A great family man, he leaves his widow Barbara, children Lindsay, Sarah, Stacey and Gary and grandchildren Erin and Richie.

Family mourners included: Barbara Tilley (widow), Lindsay Tilley and Richard Hewitson (representing Richie Hewitson), Sarah Tilley, Stacey Tilley (Erin Hobby), Gary Tilley and Agata Wypijewska, Peter Hobby, Margaret Tilley (mother), Brian Tilley and Barb Ellingworth, Terry and Mal Tilley, Sue Tilley and Keith Baines, Lindsay (AG) and William Stewart, Richie Lawman, Lisa Tilley (Richard Tilley, Dany Forster, Dylan Tilley, Jaxon and Lawson Forster), Karli Murray (Ollie Murray, Morgan Asiah, Trey Murray), Ryan Baines, Louise Laing (Amber Baines).

David and Vikki Lowe, Ross-Jon Lawman (Kirstine Lawman), Paige Stewart (Farrar and Thomas Stewart), Jock Murphy (Iris Armstrong, Val and Kenny Wilson and family, Sharon and Roy), Vic and Ann Murphy (family), Yvonne Howden and Phil 
Cole (Freda Woods and family), Paula and Sim Watts, Alison and Bill Watts, Chelsea Tiegan and Evan Watts (Val Murphy, Karen, Lynn and families), Sean and Tanya Murphy (families).

Sympathisers included: Tony Lambert (Ruth and family), John and Yvonne Hobby, Richard and Gail Smith (Steven and Mark Smith), Charlotte Etherington, Toby Colton, Sarah and Colin Rutherford, Rama, Charlie, Antonia and Isobel, Mark Reese, Helen and Walter Scott (Shirley and David Miller), Sally Pridmore (Neil Adam and Kelly), Marie Bennett (family), Malc and Angie Dalby (Jake Dalby, Jo and Steve Kelly), Bill and Kim Taylor (Kris Taylor), Lisa Thwaites, Miranda and India Jones, Andy Wright, Paul and Ann Marie Deacon (Monica Deacon, Gareth and Ryan Lake), David Johnson (Tracey Johnson and family).

Michael Wilson (Julie Wilson, John Young), Cathy and Richard Burley, Sandy Stafford, Dave Houlden, Ian and Lisa Salt (family), Julie and Paul Heany, Steve Jones (Chloe Jones), Eddie McGhie, Skye and Alix McCardie, Eamon and Janice 
McGinley, Eric Yarlet, Katie Wilkins, Niel Moverley, Yasmin Priest, Alison Bailey (Leah and Ella), Amanda Fairbairn, Mark Dexter, Ian Dexter, Keith Richards, Janey Cooper (Paul, Ben, Sean and Leon Cooper), Alex and Steve Davies Powell, James Jackson, Hannah and Michael Hone (Emma and Sophie), Paul Smith, Sarah Lee, Robert Macbeath (family), Gary and Dinah Rickwood, and many more friends.