Obituary: Alison Webb

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Alison Webb

ALISON Webb, of Castle Rise, Belmesthorpe, died at Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge, aged 46.

Daughter of Lois and Cyril Webb, she was educated at Greatford Primary School, Deepings Secondary School and Christie Secretarial College, Cheltenham and worked as a PA.

She enjoyed keep fit and the gym and had a general interest in all sports, particularly equestrian and Burghley Horse Trials. She also loved animals, especially her cat Wooster, horses and donkeys.

A private cremation at Marholm was followed by a thanksgiving service for the life of Alison at St Thomas Becket Church, Greatford, the Rev Martin Brebner officiating. David Lovell-Brown was organist. A tribute was given by Greg Siggs, Alison’s fiance, and Harry James and Robert Cockrell gave readings. Panis Angelicus (Cesar Frank) was sung by Ben James. Donations of more than £1,000 were made in aid of the Donkey Sanctuary, at Sidmouth.

Family mourners included: Cyril and Lois Webb (parents), Stuart and Marie Webb (brother and sister-in-law), Jack Webb, Nick Webb, Gregory Siggs (fiance), Eliot and Max Siggs, Brenda and Derek James, Ben and Harry James (representing Rose Coates), Robert Cockrell, Junie Arnold, Jonathan Cockrell, Ellie Cockrell, Chloe and Jessica, Nick Cockrell, Caroline Cockrell and Harry, Rosie and Simon Brown, Sylvia Webb, Josephine Street, Nigel Street (Clare), Robert Webb, Theresa Dance, John and Diane Davies (Annabelle and Andrew), June Brennan, John Little.

Sympathisers included; Sarah Jarrett, Darren Adcock, Julie and Rick Hutchison, Eileen King (Andrew King), Trevor Siggs, Amber Siggs, Dominic Siggs, Adrian Cummings, Alex and Sam Cummings, Tasha Young, Aubrey and Caroline (Blue Bell, Belmesthorpe), Terry and Anne Maddison (Kay and Robert Maddison-Green of Australia and Nigel Travis), Sally and Billy Mason, Lynda and David Hall, Rick and Faizal, James and Christina Penrock, Simone Lowe (India Mae Barrett, George Lowe), Mavis Lowe, Alice Grout, Kevin Ward (Sally Ward), Neville, Shirley and Lee Ward (Darren Ward), Vicky and Joan Pass, Jon Whowell, Ros and Pete Rudge (Wendy and Graham Middleton).

Liz Turnbull, Alison Timson, Terry Strain, Lyn Bradshaw (Ab Mauri), Sylvia Nightingale (Machin family), Nick Lambert (Janet Lambert), Chris Harris (Martin Trollope-Bellew), Yvonne Hunt, Stuart Smith (Peterborough Crane Hire), William McAneaney, David Spencer, Tom and Shirley Bartlett (Mick and Mal Gargan, Sophie and Daniel, Paul, Sybil and John Nixon), Chris Lay, Helen Mason and Kevin (Sunny and Jack Mason), Jack and Eleanor Bertie, Caroline Parker Smith, Debbie Flatley (T Wass), Carol Bettinson (Andy McPherson), Jo Proud, Jill Smith, Jean and Roy Wymer, Jane Althorpe, Yvonne Edey (Darren Edey), Ann Valentine-Smith, Richard Smith, Nunzio and Tina Scimell, Marian and Martin Brebner, Joan Harris, Susan Manning, Nick Porteus, Rod and Scilla Campbell, James and Bridget Everitt (Caroline, William and families), Peter Preston (Carol and Steve Elliott), Jean Cross (Terry and family), Margaret Cook and Richard Peters (Graham Cook, Andrea Peters, Geoff Peters), Merv and Jill Pugh (Jo and Lucy), Trish and Martyn Smith, Nathalie Palmer, Lindsey Clark, Bridget Hutchins (Sandra Thomas), Linda Allen, Sandie Wilkin (Margaret Riches), Mark Kendall (Brenda Kendall), Linda Boon (Debbie Lambert), Karl Jolly, Christine Penfold, Kelly Golding, Trev and Maggie Valentine, Ben Ricketts (family), Julian and Christine Van Geersdaele, Andrew Crow (Jenny Crow), Alan and Joan Payne (Matthew and Elizabeth Payne), Paul and Gail Revill (George, Sue Lee, Geoff and Emma, George, Arthur Lee, Stephen and Kathryn Revill), Joanna Maynard, Cazz Anders, George Aylett, Alison Voyle, Sheila Howard, Jim and Jean Shields, Mark and Angela Betambeau (Alina and Nicole), Sian Tate (Jeanette Kirk), Cherina Herbert, Barrie and Gabrielle Abbott (Nell Abbott, Brian Bond), Diane Malyon, Melanie Duncan, Mark (Freddie) Edwards, Catherine Charlton, Derek Charlton, Steve and Steph Kelby, Phil Hood, Sue Barker (Tony Barker), Diana and Chris White, Rachel Brown, Katie Broom, Vanessa Sands, Nicki Daniels, Karen and Gordon Kersten, Alan Jackson, Tania Watson (Diligenta), Maz Haines (Anji Kapoor, Neil Smith, Shirl Lowden), Richard and Rachel Barron-Clark (Jack and Sunny).

Mike Briggs, Jenny Crowson (Amanda, Robert, Lynn and Martin), Betty and Alan Rose, Christine Bish (Ibis Channell, Yvonne Waudby), Derek Lewin, Maria Harrison, Chris Maybank, Mary McCullagh, Debbie Dean, Louise Ingham, Shirley and Jackie, Trevor and Mitzi Vanson (Rosemary David), Ann Burrows (Bernie Burrows), Sarah Player (Oliver, Jessica, Abigail, William Player), Peter Edwards, Roger Osborn, Monica Packer (David, Clara, Alice), Alison Smith (Nigel, Evie, Oliver), Shirley Taylor, Ali and Matthew Walsh, Elizabeth and Nigel Ashby (Ashby and Kaye families), Heather Duncan (The Barn), Kirsten Bateman (Ladies Luncheon Club), Sue Taylor, Jane Hill, Jena Richman, Larry Knights, Beverley Robinson, Pete and Lauren Meek, Nick, Shaun Alexander and Sarah Wilkinson, Colin Medwynter, Robert Bugalski (Robbie), Tracy Smith, John Atkins, Chris, Martin and Roma, Sally and Joan, Paul, Jackie O’Neill (Sharon).