Obituary: Anthony Saunders

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ANTHONY (Tony) Saunders, of Barkston Close, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 86.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Canon David Staples officiating.

Family mourners included: Peggy Saunders (widow), Nigel, Christine, Yvonne and Carol (sons and daughters), John Lusher and Chris Sangster (sons-in-law), Alex, Dawn, Duncan, Robert, Kate, Sarah, Danielle and Ellie (grandchildren), Dan, Sue and Malcolm Baxter, Barbara and Peter Baxter, Jill, Ian and Anthea Duffin.

Sympathisers included: Ann Bramwell (representing NHS), Yvonne Hayes, Chris and Pat Loweth, H Middleton (Royal Naval Association), Alan Derry (Bourne Hereward Probus), D Barker (Probus), Anne and Mick Gibson, Denis and Edith Neal; Chalky White, Brenda White, Bill Bailey, Alan Jones and S Hayford (RNA Bourne), Brian Jenkins (Hereward Probus Club), Joy Jenkins, H Johns (RNA, Mrs M Johns), Pat and Terry Colley (Probus Club), Jennie Manning (Rick), Eric and Rosemary Cooper, Mark Hoyles, Liz Hunt, Rev Sheena Cleaton, Richard and Betty Purves, Ken and Margaret Lavender, Bill Tripp, Ian Alexander.