Obituary: Betty Eason

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The funeral of Betty Eason, of Stamford, took place at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Peter Hart officiating. Donations totalling £600 were given to the Stroke Association.

Born in 1926, the middle child of five children, she was the daughter of Leonard and Ethel Kent, and became a true Stamfordian, living all her life in the town.

Her brothers Doug and Brian and sisters Audrey and Joyce survive her.

On leaving school at the age of 14, she worked at Cascelloids and in 1940 was promoted to supervisor.

She married Bill Eason in 1955 at St John’s Church, Stamford and they were blessed with son Andrew and daughter Sharon. As the children grew up and their schooling progressed, she took on the role of a dinner lady at Bluecoat School, before working part-time for Midland Bank.

On retirement she enjoyed playing bowls at Belton Gardens Bowls Club and Stamford Indoor Bowls Club. Increased leisure time also gave her and Bill the opportunity to help with looking after granddaughter Joanne, especially in her pre-school years.

Betty died at Peterborough City Hospital following a short illness. Her family is grateful for the care she received there.

Betty was devoted to her family who always came first, and she will be fondly remembered for her role as a wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, nana and great nanny.

Family mourners included: Bill Eason (widower) , Andrew and Lynne Eason (representing Sandra Linstead and family), Sharon and John Edwards (Fred Edwards, Mary, Angela), Joanne Edwards, Adam Hendry, Gary and Nicola Salisbury (Edward)

Hayley and Shaun Veasey, Joyce and Geoff Foster, Ian Foster, Julie and Roy Chapman , Roy Chapman, Kim Branson , Brian and Anne Kent (Richard, Ruth, Katharine, Chloe), Sarah and Andrew Gerrard (Alice) , Doug and Margarette Kent , Mike Kent (Anthony, Sarah, Faye), Tina and Barry Kent (Chris, Caitlin, Oliver), Jacqueline Hughes (Audrey and Jim Christie) , Graham Hughes (Florence Hughes) , Trevor and Janice Christie, Sue and Anthony Christie (Gavin, Monis and Ollie), Joan Palmer, Win Clapton, Christine Sharp (Anthony), Marion and Mick Harris , Stuart and Janice Clapton, Paul Clapton, Margaret Cook (Stephen Cook and family) , Auriole Bolter, Mr and Mrs T Harris (family), Mrs S Eason (family), Stuart and Kay Cooper (family).

Sympathisers included: George Barnett, Jenny Madge , Wendy Smith (Paul, Graeme, Megan Smith), Peter and Eileen Baker (Charles and Mavis Hyde, Victor Lambert and family, Empingham branch Royal British Legion), Len Marshall (L J Marshall), Barry and Janice Bedford (Oddfellows), Denise and Graham Campbell Waggott, Gerald and Maureen Baxter, Edna and Keith Rippin (Bert Sayers, Belton Gardens Bowls Club), Jill and Derek Veasey (David and Betty Bell), Martyn Dolby (Stamford and District Bowls), Margaret and Sid Dalby, Tony Windsor, May Hodgett, Chris Briance (Oddfellows – Nene and Welland Lodge), Jean Hooding, Emmaline and George Chianti, Ian and Berice Calderwood, Alan and Doreen Wyles, Bill and Elaine Culpin, Roly and Sylvia Scotney (Providence Lodge), John and Joan King, Don and Dorothy Jackson (Terry and Jean Baxter, Dawn Edwards), Vera and Norman Bell (Jean and Bob Maker), Connie Cox (Martin), Wally Kettle (David Hudson), Dorothy Wisdom (Doris Routon), Trevor Saunders, Betty Larder , Nina Rawlins (Ken Rawlins), Ray Middleton (Northfields) , Mrs M Mawer, Iain Anderson, Mr and Mrs D Sergeant, J Butcher, Pat Banks, Joyce Wheatley, Pauline Orton, Gwen Dalrymple, Colin Barnes, George and Dot Russon (Ivy Jarvis, Edmonds Close Social Club), Barbara Walker (Sarah), Pat Coulson.