Obituary: Brenda Read

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The funeral service for Brenda Read, 77, was held at Bourne Abbey Church, followed by cremation at Marholm. Father Chris Atkinson officiated.

Donations amounting to almost £400 were shared equally between Bourne Galletly Practice Patients Participation Group and Bourne Abbey Church Restoration Fund.

Brenda was born in Wisbech, later moving to Bourne. She worked in her father’s sweet shop before leaving to start a family.

She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother and loved spending time with all of them. She loved watching the soaps and solving crosswords and was a “silver surfer”, enjoying her computer.

Brenda will be sadly missed by all her family and many friends.

Family mourners included: Dennis Read (widower), Kerrie Sleight and Francis Sandall (daughter), Darrell and Lisa Read (son), Emma Sleight and Paul Clarke (granddaughter ), Jessica and Bethany Clarke (great granddaughters), Toni Read and Ben Sandall (granddaughter) (representing Lexi and Eleanor Sandall, great grandaughters), Thomas Read and Emma Greenslade (grandson), Danny Read (grandson), Kelvin and Frances Tutty, Andrea Horne, John Tutty (Rita Tutty), Kenneth Parker, Tony and Angela Daniele, Alan and Audrey Cooper (Michael Cooper and family), Stephen Cooper, Chris Cooper, Trevor and Sheila Parker (David Parker and family), Stuart Parker, Albert and Inez Jacobs, Nicola Giles (Tony and family), Kevin and Jackie Parker.

Sympathisers included: Barbara and Derek Mews (Vivian Teare), Jim and Brenda (Bourne Abbey), Lesley Bull (family), Louise and Charles Sandall, Gemma Challis, Anne and Colin Dickinson (Alan Reynolds), Tim Sleight (Gill Sleight, George and Gill Broughton, staff at T R Carlton), Maurice Phillipson (Maggie Phillipson), FSC Hall (Jill Hall), John and Carol Godfrey, Paul Machin (Angela Machin), Alan Clare (Christine Clare), Mr W Pell (Mrs B Pell ), Deborah Taylor-Martin (David and Rachael), Sue Norton (Ray Norton, Robert and Louise), Brian Hicks (Joy Hicks), Simon Toulson (Melanie Toulson, Mr and Mrs A Toulson), Lesley and Mark Lawrance (Wally Lawrance and family, Katie Coddington), Margery Rodgers (Mrs S Wilson, Mr W Wakefield and Luesby family), Mr and Mrs Mick Hare (Mr and Mrs Tony Woolsey), Jenny Paine, Beryl Grange, Mrs I Beeken, Kay Bower (John Bower), Davinia Bannister (Anne Thompson).

Mr T Handley (Mrs M Handley), Ann Crump, Mrs C Glover (Mrs S Stubley), Ruth Moody (family), Margaret Osbourne (family), E Heck (Margaret Sneath), Malcolm Shipley (family), Jem and Stephen Missin (Wright family), Jean Fownes (Douglas Fownes), Terri Hammond (Courtney Hammond), Natalie Hammond (Jessica Hammond), David Harding (Bourne Abbey servers), Alison and Phillip Pettitt (Sarah Crown and family, Edwina Richards), Laura Brooks (Jim Brooks), Mary Lister, Joyce Reeson, Richard Carlton (East Midland region RPRA and Bourne and District Racing Pigeon Club), Brenda Carlton (Anthony, James, Paul), Mr and Mrs Dudley Holmes (Royal Pigeon Racing Assn East Midland region), David Tilley (Mrs B Tilley), Gary Wilson, Glyn Scarth, Michael Scarth, Mr and Mrs T Baldwin, Doreen Newland, Susan Green, Janine Newland, Mr L Newton, Mr and Mrs Richard Dimbleby, Sheila Kelby (Carol Wilkinson and Dot and Ted Kelby), George and Joanne Cardall, Mr and Mrs D Guppy (Mrs M Woodland), Mrs Ramilla Parbat (Sam’s), Mrs Allison Johns (Mr and Mrs John Smith), John Templeman, Philip Grummitt, Pauline Raven (Maurice, Mark and family), Mrs G Biggadike (Mr D Biggadike).

Joan Reed (Linda Gunthorp, Philip Reed and family), John Bristow (Carole Bristow), John and Avice Budd, David Wynne (Jeanette Wynne), Eileen and Tom Teague, Pete Walton (Barbara Walton), Frank and Sue Bristow (Rachel and George).

Peter Clarke, Charles Archer, David Vince, Suzie Godby, Alistair Ewart, Mrs B L Lewis, Margaret Mapleston (Teresa Knight), Mike and Ann Northen (Karen, Wendy and families), Joe Mason (Barbara and Andrew Linind), Dick and Barbara Durno (Duncan, Mark and Shaun), Geoff Perkins (Molly Perkins and Tamsin Cunningham), Ralph Hill, Josie Hill (Darren Hill and Belinda Hill), Jonathan Hill (Emma Barron-Clark), Mr and Mrs Stuart Christmass (Hannah and Sarah Christmass), J Brewster (P A Brewster), Pete and Margaret Ballaam, the Rev Patrick and Mrs Frances Lingard, the Rev D and Mrs M Clarke (the Rev Canon D Staples), David Tabor.