Obituary: Ethel Cushing

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Ethel Cushing

THE funeral of Ethel Cushing took place at Oakham Methodist Chapel.

Ethel died at Brooke Road, Oakham, She will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her. Ethel enjoyed being involved in many activities and was a member of groups such as embroidery, lace making, spinning, knitting, the women’s institute and U3A. She also enjoyed church functions and outings.

Family mourners included: Alan and Christine Cushing, Irvine and Rosemary Delemore, David and Rosemary Priaulx (representing Rachel Robinson), Stuart and Ruth Robinson (Eileen Robinson), John and Catherine Statham, Diana Thornley (Win Thornley), Judy and Peter Greaves, Roger and Carol Hale, Daphne Cushing, Wendy Page, Joan and Peter King, June and Barry Spouncer (Dot Redmile).

Sympathisers included: Arthur and Janet Johnson (Stephen and Sarah), Sue Somerfield (Anne Simms and Rebecca Cotton), Rev John Ansley, Joyce and Stan Palmer, Jackie and John Gregory, Pearl and Bryan Garfoot, Simon Grace (Diane and Joshua), Patricia Stickland (Brian Stickland), Pat Philips (Oakham WI), Freda Shimwell, Joan Bowles (Betty Fox, Pauline Leeder), Florrie Ballantyne, Sheila Newbold (Rev Brian Newbold), Ruth and Roger Rowell, Norma Parsons, Brenda and Barry Gent, Jill Groombridge, Joyce Lucas, Derek and Angela Saunders (Shirley Stubbings), Jill Brown, Jo Tibbott, Beth Denny, Daphne Berarey (Linda Hutchins), Maureen Mildner (U3A Scrabble group), Greg Franklin, John and Marie Brown, Ann Macleod, Margaret Mills, Edna Blackshield.