Obituary: Fredrick Broughton

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Fredrick Broughton

MORE than 200 people attended the funeral of Fredrick (Sonny) Broughton, at King’s Cliffe Parish Church, the Rev Philip Davis officiated, assisted by the Rev Karin Voth Harman. Mr John Barrett was organist.

Sonny, of West Street, King’s Cliffe, died at his home, aged 76. He leaves his widow of 51 years, Dulcie, son Simon, daughter-in-law Alison and grandchildren Rhea and Ryan.

Sonny enjoyed playing football and cricket for the village for many years and also horse racing.

Family mourners included: Dulcie Broughton (widow), Simon and Alison Broughton, Rhea and Ryan Broughton, Alice and Bill Wyles, Ann and Cyril Brighty, Jean and Roland Harper, David and Helen Wyles, Stephen and Cherry Brighty, Jane Couzens, Steven Brighty and Sally, Stuart Harper, Mark, Maureen and John Gibson, Lorna and Neil Wade, Heather, Jamie and Daniel Andrews, Joanah, Sean, Owen, Jack and Liam McNally, Carol and Mark Griffith, Lorian and Graham Hyde, Dorothy Lane.

Sympathisers included: Maurice Starkey (representing Peterborough Football League), Alan Muttoit (Football League Peterborough Association), John Blackbourn MBE (Dorothy Blackbourn), Roy and Julia Dumford, Doug and Chris Gilbert, Christopher Gilbert, Viv and Henry Giddings (Gladys Blake, Susan Hadfield), David Giddings, Joan Tarry, Mr and Mrs G Dobb, Mick and Pauline Baines, Bernadette, Samantha, Darren and Teresa Blackshaw (David, George), Sam Blackshaw, Dave Thomas (Marye), Jane and Bert Ferguson (Jill and Phil Geggle), Bill and Rose Sharpe (Telford), Chris and Andrew Scotney, Nicky Scotney, John Russell, P Chappell (Stamford RA), Peter and Joan Smith, Thomas and Margaret Dytham, Barbara Headland, Richard, Kim and Thomas Dytham, Clive, Kate, Luke and Sophie Ibotson, Carol and David Dytham (Iris Norton), Hazel and Tony Hill (family), Pam, Nick, Nicola, Jamie and Kerry Smith, Dolly and Campbell Walters, Mr A Southay, Mr D Walker (C Bradshaw), Gary and Neil Henson (Charlotte and Tania), Tom Smith, Gail Tolson (Claire, Mick), Jack Manton (Bob Ford), Colin and Doreen Giddings, Andrew and Joanne Giddings (Mike and Jill Giddings), Gerald and Tina Adams (Lal, Tracey), Wendy and Charlie Nottingham, Philip and Tania Whittaker, Jim Wyles (Sheila), Justin Osborne (Tommy Smith), Renze and Ray Alderman (family), Mr and Mrs Graham Harris, Clive Giddings, Janye Ford (Jason, Katie and Alfie Giddings), John and Julia Giddings (Rene Foster), Gwen, Rachel and George Cardel, Bill White (family), G Boon, Ged Smith, Neville and Sheila Holvey, Edna Peck, Roy and Pearl Howard (family), Yvonne Morton, Kevin and Daniel Wooding, Tom and Mary Little (family), Graham Scotney, Gina, Abigail, Megan, Jim, Phyliss, Margaret and Dennis Barrett, Daphne Batty (family), Diana Tempest, Colin Green, Mo Hopkins (Martyn and P Bates), Peter Coxhead, P Bompansla (Julie and Mark Wade), David McNally, Mandy Jones, Rosemary Woolf, Glynn Dawn (family), Dee, John and Wayne Glasper, Lorraine Rice, June and Bill Hakes (Kings Cliffe Ex-Servicemen’s Club), Ted Britten, Peter Giddings, Kelly Lilley, Maurice Starkey (Peterborough Football League), Barry Pettit, Sooty and Teresa Pearce, Judy Floyd, Lol and Betty Palmer, Alastair (Bill), Chery Poppert, Robert Giddings, John and Paul Marshall, Nigel Ford, Tom Ford (Daniel and Rebecca McIntyre), Richard, Chris and Zoe Lallimore (Dale and Kirsty Connor), Michael, Donna, Mathew and Charles Day (Kings Cliffe Parish Council), Bobby and Barbara Ford, Babs Sharpe (Denis Ford), Martin Barrett, Maureen and Ray Gow (family), Edward Ford, Brett Baines (Lucy and Sarah Maidison), Trevor and Clive Britten, Barbara Westly, Sandra Britten, Anita Coles, Gill and Jim Kingston, Stuart Norton (Zoe, Ellie, May), David and Joyce Norton (Helen Guy, Sophia), Mr and Mrs K Harris, Richard Harris, Angus Gunning (Michael, Martin, David, George), Kevin Roberts, Carol Barnett (Gladys and family), George Rirley, Harry Goodson, Melanie Werner, Fiona Schulze (Joan and family), Alan Wyman (Melbourn Darts League), Alan Francis, Dougie Roffe, Eileen Lee (Bob and family), Anne Cockin, Hilary and Harvey Blunt (family), John Richardson (Ethan, Tom and Chris Croft, Jonathan Potter), Darren and Dean Richardson, Maryanne Tank, Mr and Mrs Mick Dolby, Hazel and Kevin Eldred, R Brown (F Graves), Maureen Bird, Carol (Ann and George Munton), Dorothy Ford, Jim Jones, P Osborne and family, Gary Lang Norris, Phillippa Alan, Richard and Lesley Giddings, Reg and Sue Head (Tracey), June Ford, Derek Black, Antony Britten, Jules Thomson (Netia Britten), Scott, Tilly, Malc, Andrew and Anna Duell and family, Barry Hurcombe (Kings Cliffe Post Office), B Hadman (J Hadman), Sue and James Adams (Mark Adams, Rene Marshall), Guy Adams, John Edwards (Sharon Giddings), Sharon and Brian Bird, Caron Read, Stuart Read, Veneta Britten, Margaret and Dennis Joyce (family), Bodie, Denise, Steve, Neal, Jay, Sophia, Gwen and Tom Lattimore, Tony Keal (family), Barry and Susan Letheren, Steve Green, Gilbert and Hazel Markley (Linda Towell), Karen, Chloe, and Sue Markley (Nathan, Sam, Lorna), Natali Giddings, Sally Crumpling (family), Yvonne Smith, Sally Cardell, Lee Smith (Keal family), Peter and Alison Howard (Sam, Grace and James Cardell), Jen Knight (Richard), Marjorie Blake, Marnie Grant, Terence Smith, Bill Howard (family), Anne Czerensky (family), Trevor and Margaret Burton (Kings Cliffe Football Club), Vic and Martha Giddings (Barbara Wilshaw, Derek Black), Nick Owen (Sue, Nathan, Natalie), David Fox (Kings Cliff Club), Conrad Lange (family), Margaret Knight, Sue Trow-Smith (Richard), Helen Apthorpe, Claire Fairclough (family), Audrey and John Sutton, Diane and Nick Lander, Mr and Mrs Basil Leigh, Glenis Woodman, Carol Westwood (family), Pearl Brown, Graham and Anita White (family), Laura and Bill Crane, Tyler Jackson (family), Kath, Steve and Sam Mumford (Alena Mumford), Torney (Marie, Chris, Terry), Nicola Vickovic, Ian Lyle (family), Paul and Richard Isaac, Mavis Gordon, Antony Isaac, Richard Smith and family (Colin, Kath and family), and many more friends.