Obituary: George Jarvis

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George Jarvis

GEORGE Jarvis, of Edinburgh Crescent, Bourne, died at his home, aged 76.

He was a member of the Royal British Legion and leaves two sisters and two brothers.

The funeral service took place at Bourne Abbey Church, the Rev Sheena Cleaton officiating.

Family mourners included: Jean Tilley, sister; Rose and John Ablett, sister and brother-in-law; Fred and Jenny Jarvis, brother and sister-in-law; William Ward, brother-in-law; Mandy Ward, Richard Ward, Chris and Sharon Ward, Colin Tilley, Jennifer Taylor, Angela Magill, Tim Ablett, Lynn Fox, David Ablett, Thomas Little, Thomas Little jnr.

Sympathisers included: Arthur Lightfoot (Royal British Legion Club), Dorothy and Bob Goodliffe (family), Joanne Durham, Maureen Barthorpe, Mary Durnham, Ron Cooper, Keith Watson (family), Peter Squires (Faith Taylor), Sally Longland (Carol Coddington, Royal British Legion Club), G Woodward, John Baxter (British Legion Club).