Obituary: George Wardle

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The funeral of George Wardle, 79, of Chater Lodge, Ketton, took place at Marholm Crematorium.

Son of Elsie and Ernest Wardle, he was educated at Stamford School. Before working for Jessups Garage he worked as a parts manager at ECP.

He enjoyed gardening, reading and caravanning. In his early years he played football for Stamford Rovers FC and badminton. Later in life he played bowls for Easton Bowls Club and Stamford Indoor Bowls Club.

He leaves his widow Rita, daughter Jane, son Richard, grandchildren Peter, Lee, Milly and Alfie and great grandaughter Maisey.

Family mourners included: Rita Wardle (widow), Jane and Martin Conneely, Richard Wardle, Peter Conneely and Laura Mead (representing Maisey Conneely), Lee Conneely, Milly Wardle, Alfie Wardle, Naomi Boddinton, Debbie Crosson, Claude and Shirley Wardle, Jason Wardle, Jo, Ronnie Wardle (Ann and Tom Cross and family) .

Sympathisers included: Stan and Mary Gale, Gertie and Martin Ford (family), Kevin Flynn (Project One), Sascha, Annette, Denise (Chater Lodge), Sheila and Don Brown, Brian and Frances Curtis, Peter and Bobby Sanders, Barry Cunnington, Maz and Janet Marriot, Martyn Dolby (Stamford Rovers), Julian Short, John and Jenny Burke, Lorna Curtis, Carole Gardiner, Iris, Don and Stephen Mitchell, Phil and Angela Stubley, Andrew Stubley (family), Penny and Martin Bunney, Michael and Kay Barford, John and Liz King, Pete Musgrave, Dave Dolan, Jim Leighton, Colin and Brenda Mee, Brian Gibbons, Peter Chappell, Mary Conneely (family), Winnie Conneely (family).