Obituary: John Short

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Retired farm worker John Short, of High Street, Corby Glen died at Corby Glen at the age of 83.

He was the son of James and Gladys Short. He enjoyed gardening and in his younger years loved Irish country music and folk dancing.

Widower of Christine, he leaves his son Brian and Sue.

The Rev David Pickett officiated at the funeral service at St John’s Church, Corby Glen. Mr S Webb was organist. Donations of £224 were made to The Market Cross Surgery, Corby Glen.

Family mourners included: Brian Short, Sue Short, Muriel Short, Arthur Short, Eldon and Gladys Mackridge (representing Evelyn Chinn), Elizabeth Harding, Charles and Ada Short, Kevin and Jill Short, Linda Brooks, Dorothy Warren, Robert and Linda Warren, Paul and Dawn Warren, C Warren, George and Elsie Short, George and Lynn Wing, Barbara and Brian Pick, Simon Pick, Anthony Manley, Peter Frost, June Frost, Wendy Kerr, Neil Haddock, Ann and Roger Abbs.

Sympathisers included: Karen Scotchmer (Yan Scotchmer), Rachel Oliver (family), Dawn Greetham, Dorothy Greetham (family), Rosemary Story, Julie Dench, Vicki McGhee, Samantha Greaves, Emma Wilson, Mr E Davey (family), John Dawson (Susan), Richard Allitt (Lillian), Simon and Sharon Harwood (Fighting Cocks), Anne Musson (Graham Musson), John Joyce (family), Andrew and Maria Fruin (family), Michelle and Jake Cooper, Chris and Joanne Colsy (Thomas and Gladys), Brian and Sandra Johnson, David and Pat Fowler (family), Sandy and Ann Surtees, Malcolm and Jackie Bowden (family), Margaret Lyon (family), Norah Louth, Enid Crook, Priscilla Musson, Katie Andrew (family), Karen Scott, Andrea Day, Neil Manning, Majela Imlach.