Obituary: Kathleen Hough

Kathleen Hough

THE funeral of Kathleen Hough, of Witham Close, Stamford, took place at Christ Church, Stamford, the Rev Martin Taylor officiating.

Mrs Hough died at her home aged 68. She was the daughter of Enid and Arthur Bryan and attended Barnack Primary School and Glinton College. For 27 years she worked in the catering department at Stamford College.

She enjoyed listening to Irish and country music.

Bereaved are her widower Frederick and sons Stephen, Barry and Terry.

Family mourners included: Frederick Hough, Stephen Bryan, Barry and Terry Hough, Billie Hough, Emma Hough, Georgina Hough, Alex Hough, Malcolm Plant, Laura Plant, Bethney, Robert Hough, Lee Hough, Jay Hough, Allie Hough, Gemma Hough, Cammie, Doreen Mawer, Leane and Janene, Sylvia and Wal Plant, Beverley and Paul Bird and family, Clare Oelrich, Neville and Barbara Bryan, Mark, Spencer, Amelia.

Sympathisers included: Fiona Campbell Waggott, Jenny Cummins (representing Steve and Christine Musgrave), Loraine Gray, Andrew Smith and family, Phillip Agnew and family, Gill Bee, Mr and Mrs Wallace, Pat King, Shirley Beresford and family, Liz Cooke, Viv Bradford and Tony, Gary and Janie Smith, Iris Holdsworth, Bill and Mollie Kirkwood, Margaret Smith, Vic and Val Knights, Betty and Tony Rosling, Erica and Mike Davis, R Ramm, Keith Payne, Percy Halford, K Stringer, B Cooper, Sadie Lettice, Christine and Philip Draper, June Robinson (John and Daphne Goldsmith), Stewart and Eileen Mackman, Rose Ireland, Donald Day, Jackie and Gordon Templeman (Shirley and Harry Fairchild), Michael and Sheila Bratley, Daphne Lowe, Sue and Dave Blades, Ann and Joe Bailey, Pat and Len Henton, Jean Bradshaw, Margaret and Mick Wallace, Peter Afford, Sydney Crook, Margaret and Colin Bradshaw, Cyril Betts, Susan Sandal, Winnie Bradley, Anne Wright and family, Christine Chalmers and Bryan, Wendy Carter, Elizabeth Snowball, Judy Tansley and Bradley family, Pauline Leeder, Kath Hayden, Cliff and Ivy Goodes, Tina and Les Kirby, Colin and All, George and Jay Jesson, Graham and Denise Campbell Waggott.