Obituary: Margot Henley

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Margot Henley

THE funeral service for Margot Henley, formerly of The Green, Caldecott, took place at St John’s Church, Caldecott, the Rev Jane Baxter officiating. Reader was Robin Robson and Carol Dry was organist.

Daughter of Albert and Mary Brooks, Margo was born in Brenchley, Kent, and on leaving St James School in Malvern, she joined the Wrens.

She worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, helping with the code-breaking of the German ciphers. Her work was kept highly secret until modern times and she recently received a medal from the Prime Minister for her services in this connection.

Near to the end of the war she visited a friend of hers, Mike Henley, in hospital, who had been seriously wounded while in action in North Africa and had at one time been on the dangerously ill list. They married in 1945 and enjoyed a happy marriage until Mike died in 1999.

Margo lived the earlier part of her married life in Kent and Sussex before moving in 1971 to south west Scotland, where they bought a hill farm overlooking the Solway Firth and the Lake District hills beyond. Having started to breed Shetland ponies on a small scale in Sussex, she expanded her Shetland pony stud considerably in Scotland and became a well-known Shetland pony breeder nationally and a judge at some of the shows.

After Mike died, she stayed in Scotland for two more years before moving to Caldecott, to be near her family.

During the last 10 years of her life she became a valued member of the local community, taking part in many of the activities, including the church, Good Companions Club, History Society, quizzes and barn dances. When she was younger she was a good tennis player and horse rider.

Margot spent the last three weeks of her life in Bracken Cottage, Rutland Care Village, Oakham, where she died aged 88.

She was the loving mother of Robert, Charles and Philip, grandmother to Sam, Jessica, Jemma, Louise, Georgina, James, Edward, Naomi, Jeremy and Melanie and great grandmother to Marcos and Ethan.

Mourners included: Charles and Sue Henley, Georgina, James and Edward Henley, Philip Henley (representing Carmita, Naomi, Melanie, Victor and Marcos), Jeremy Henley, Sam and Vicki Henley (Robert Henley), Ethan Henley, Jessica Henley, Jemma Henley (Louise Henley), Shirley Ward, Sir Andrew and Lady Large, Duncan and Gertrude Large, Stephen and Cherry Large, Alex Large, Jamie Large, Jeremy Large, Ollie Large, David Haig (Julia), Mary and Carl Burgess, Sue Kimber, John Brooks, Frances and Ian Berrill, Peter Henley Fiona Henley), Jane and Trevor Kearley, Libby Farquhar (David, Richard and Jamie Farquhar), Sarah and David Nicol, Canon David Henley (Margaret, William and Anthony), Christopher Henley, Kathy Henley, Andrew Henley, Sian Henley, Amanda Beale, Mike and Joy Wadsworth, Elizabeth Midgley (Peter and Catherine), Johnny Midgley, Pamela and Andy Sutfliff (Thomas and Toby), Sheila Ward (Hal Ward), Jane and Mike Brooke.

Gaby Briggs, Andrew and Mary Davidson, John Nicholls, Martin Sharman (Erica, Sophie and George), David and Jenny Holloway (Jane, Steve, Katy and Lucy), Ted and Jean Guy, Peggy Dickinson (Joe Dickinson), Marion Graveson, Shaun and Sue Roper-Caldbeck, Peter and Fiona Qualey, Brenda Qualey, June Gower (Good Companions, Lilian Stokes, Wendy Towson), Dorothy Wright (Dennis Wright), Michael Cunliffe-Lister, Jilly Bartlett, Connie Wakeman (Ned, Sam and Kitty), Peter Walton, Louise Bowler, Rob and Janet Griggs (John and Anthea Hill), Sarah Morgan-Jones (Gwyn and Alex), Doreen Brown, Edith Fisher (Michael Fisher), Sheron and Frank Franchino, Emily Franchino, Amy Franchino, Joan Bent, John and Janet Reynolds, Iris Scotchmer (David Scotchmer), Veronica Morris (William Morris), Sue Russell (Richard Russell), Betty Owens, Adrian Bagnall.