Obituary: Michael Bates

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Michael Bates

MICHAEL Bates, of Deweys Close, North Luffenham, died at Peterborough City Hospital aged 70.

He was the son of Jack and Irene Bates of Ketton and attended Ketton village school and Casterton School where he was head boy.

Before working as an agricultural engineer for JHB North in Stamford he did various jobs including driving the baker’s van for Redge Rowell and working on John Andrews’ farm.

When he married Carol he worked for Ketton Cement and later moved into the construction industry working all over the country. The last 15 years, before his retirement he worked for CG Godfrey Ltd, at West Pinchbeck, where he made many friends.

For four years he served on North Luffenham Parish Council and had a great interest in the village and its people.

For many years he was vice-president of North Luffenham Cricket Club, and helped build the cricket club pavilion. He also helped with North Luffenham Bowls Club. When he was younger he played cricket and football for Ketton Sports Club and enjoyed a game of darts and pool. Later in life he played green bowls and dominoes.

Always keen to help people, he helped build fences, sun-houses, patios and clear drains and was the only one who could start the roller at the cricket club.

Bereaved are his widow Carol and children Gary and Troy.

The funeral service took place at North Luffenham Parish Church, Michael Ellard officiating.

Family mourners included: Carol Bates (widow), Troy Bates, Gary Bates, Michelle Elliott, Luke Elliott, Danny Elliott, Lee Elliott, Martyn and Patsey Bates, Ashley Bates, Geoff Bates, Ann Bates, Pat Carpenter, Brian Carpenter, Debbie Martin, Andrew Carpenter, Ann McKenzie, Lynette Carpenter, Caroline Russell, Norma Jennings and family, Dorothy and Gerry Ryan and family, Ann Ewan and family John McCard and family (John Finney and family).

Sympathisers included: Ron Tilley (South Luffenham domino league, Ketton Healthy Walking Group), Dorothy Tilley, Andy and Heather Bird, Pauline and Cyril Greetham (Darren and Tracy Smith and family), John and Joyce Bird (Ketton Sports Association), Jane and Ray Wigginton, Mick Greetham, Lisa Hand, Trudy Hand, Audrey Berridge, Margaret Bland and family, Derek and Shelagh Lane (Mike and Tim ), Nickey Morris, Ian and Nicki Ferguson, Ted Ford, G Woodman (R Ford), Bill Lupton (friends), Penny McKinley (The Players), Mima Bolton (Jim Bolton), Iris Bryers and family, V Kingwell, Cath and Bill Lupton (Wing, Uppingham and Oakham line dancers), Kay Lambert (Horse and Jockey domino team), Nick Boothby, Ciss Boothby, Gerry Corby (Kevin and Sally), Mr and Mrs M Grocott (Jennifer and David Austin Linecross), Charlie Barker, Jan Zoltanki (Geoffry Hems), Mavis Noble, Sylvia Lawson (Stephanie Kerr), Kay and Michael Down, Kelly Adams (family), Eric Dalby (Jeff Howarth), Cath and Joy Jennings, Mrs Traylen and Nick, Sue and Kewn Hall, David and Angela Leather, Bob and Carolyn Cruckshanks, Andrew and Val Barrett, Paddy and Christine Moore, Bill and Janet Whittaker, Steve Fowell (Vicki, Amanda and Jack Fowell), Allan and Gail Arnott (family), Barry and Sue Hippy, Michael and Wendy Spires, Dennis Brady, Chic Doig (Alan, Eve, JHB North Stamford), Martin Baines (Simon Baines), Sam Johnson (Alf Caston), Susan Jones, Wendy Pinkerton (Andrew Jones), Judy and Charles Cade (North Luffenham Parish Council), Mr Edward Dixon (family, Mark, Claire, Liz, Jonathan, Emily and Charlotte), John Perry, Chris and Angie, Tim and Harriet Reilly, John Boddington, Myra Webster, Bill Manton, Mr and Mrs C Rose (Mr R Rose, Mr D Sharp), Stan and Brenda Pool (W Story), Bev Johnson and Bianca Jantuah, (C G Godfrey), Russ Knowles (Soo, Kate, John and Jamie), Geoff Jesson (Philip Jesson), Gina Turner (Jack, Michael and Vicky Turner), John, Joan and Peter King (Mr and Mrs Sharp), Andrew Sherriff, Miss M Rose, Jim McConnell, Tasha Muller, Keith Steele, Annette Young, Mary Lou Steele (Ronnie Barker), Mrs June Tye (Mr Cecil Swan), Brian and Zella Maycock, Gavin Bailey (Michelle Guest and family, Rebecca Bailey and family), Norma and Pip Gilman, John, Peter, Andrew Gilman, David Bradshaw, Julie Bailey and Bob Wallace (Amy Lawes-Cole, Colin and Carol Clarke), Mr Arthur Atkins (family), Daphne Stanley, Joan Rycroft (Pam Plant), Warren Duffy (Sara, Natalie and Liam Duffy), Margaret and Andrew Coles, Philip Griggs, Arthur Chapman (Railway Inn NLDL), Gary Scotcher, Janet and John Harrington, Austin Bland, S Bland, Alan and Di Horner (KSA domino A team), Alan Fitzgerald and family, Michael Stone, Claire Hutchinson, Kate and Graham Dexter, David Rippen, Margaret Rippen, Roger Mee, John and Nancy Mears, Muriel Elder and family, Peter Hollingsworth (C G Godfrey), Andy Skelham (Jo and Josh), Mr and Mrs D Jones (Bates family), Andrew Follows, Alex and Lucy Naylor, James Scott (Davina, Andrew and Darren), Matt and Kirstie Henry, Mike and Christine Chambers, Jackie Shannon, Tom Sayers, Debbie Sayers, Little Tom, Mark and Vickey Veasey, Warren Duffey, Ian Elder, Linda Ellis (Paul Ellis and family), Pete Hutchinson, Fred Alexander (Jeff and Ann Dunthorn), Mr Jem North, Bill Killips, Andy Ferry, Evelyn Pickard (Charlotte, Rachel and North Luffenham Good Companions), Vivian Overington (Syd Overington), Helen Ellis (John Ellis), Dave and Rose Neild (North Luffenham Cricket Club), Terry Riordon, Ken, Julie, Tracy, Martin Bannister, George and Marian Roberts (Sian Roberts, Ann Sidstaff), Ellen Perkins (Kevin and Sarah Darren and Jo), Pete Thomson, Mr and Mrs Trevor Lea, Blod Cunnington, Angela Cunnington, Ray Barker (Karen Ward), John Ward (Andy Burrows, Kier Ward), Pat Goddard, Thelma Adams, Jane McQuade, Nora Shalliker, Gina and Jack Turner, Steve Hudson, Andy Lea, Debbie Wilson (family), John and Margaret Herd, Ken and Jo Fisher, Lol and Betty Palmer, Philip, Benjamin, Robin Lambert, Mr and Mrs Bateman, John Taylor, Pam Taylor, Mike and Christine Chambers, Mr and Mrs G Bell (Peter Walpole), Brian and Rita Thomson (Fox and Hounds former landlord and landlady); Craige Walker, Mr and Mrs A Cunningham, Martin Hughes, Stephan Hoyes, Alex Taylor, Doug Garton, Lee Bateman, P Grant, M Morley, A Frost and C Lesland (C G Godfrey Ltd); Claude Smith, Mr G Tyler (Mrs L Tyler), Ray Theresa and Burrows girls (Bub and Maureen Burrows), Pat Regan-John Harrington (Oval Close), Len Grocott, Paul Coster (Vic and Ann Coster), Michelle Bennett (Ian Williams, Pauline and Davie Bennett, Alison Goss), Peter Shakeshaft, Margaret Higley, Nicholas, Debby and Steve, Ken Forsyth (Ian and Rachel), Mr and Mrs I Isack, Mr and Mrs R King.