Obituary: Pamela Deadman

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The funeral service for Pamela Deadman, of Gough’s Lane, Belton in Rutland took place at Belton Church, Father John Widdows officiated assisted by Dr Joy Widdows and the Rev Canon Rachel Watts. Cremation at Marholm followed.

Mrs Deadman died at her home, aged 82.

Born in Belton in Rutland she was the daughter of the late Mary and George Frossell and was educated at Belton School and Uppingham Community College.

When she was younger she worked as a live-in maid at Alexton Hall and was also a nanny.

She married Douglas Deadman at Belton Church in 1953 and they had a daughter and two sons.

Widow of Douglas, she leaves her daughter Linda, sons Barry and Neil, daughter-in-law Dawn and grandchildren Victoria, Olivia and Darren.

Family mourners included: Linda Deadman, Barry Deadman, Neil Deadman, Dawn Deadman, Victoria, Olivia and Darren Deadman, Audrey and Bert Deadman, Marjorie Champley, Eva Deadman, Christine Cox, Christine and Brian Lovett (representing Jean and Steve Deadman), Janet and Roger Mackett, Christine Withers.

Sympathisers included: Sue Smart, Trish and Bernie Crouch (Tony and Vicky Brown), Rita McEwan (Frank, Andrea and Matt), Andrew Carter Brown, Alan and Dorothy Riddle, Jasmine Knew (John Knew, Allen family), Rachel Rowlatt, Jo Holroyd (Con Danes), Brian and Pam Duffin (Lynda Grindley), Sheila Storer (Madeline, Isabelle, Josephine and Harry Storer), Beryl Smith (Bert Marlow), Richard Merry (Nicola Merry Taylor), Mr K Marlow (B Marlow), Eileen and John Hill and family, Beryl Redshaw, Amelia Austin, Claire Chandler, Doreen Prydderch, Kathy Evans (Margaret and David Demaine), Becki Townsend (Maureen Townsend).

June Lawton (Richard and Steve Lawton), Joan Rollings, John Wood, Tony Styles, Brenda Styles, Sheila Sleath (Harold Sleath), Carol Gilson, Margaret Bacon (Linda Bacon, Judy Maddaford), Jane and John Thornalley (Susan, Brian Davis, Joe Thornalley), Pru Griffiths (David Griffiths), Kate Wood, Audrey and Philip Walker (Raymond Duffin, Joan and Trevor Baker), Jenny James (Cliff, Reuben and Freya), Ken and Audrey Fogelman (Joan Wadd, Geoff and Chris Maskell), Lesley and David Shilton (Louisa and Mark), Sarah Gullan-Whur (Richard, Hattie, Tom and Tilly Gullan-Whur), Philip Shelton, Jane Pearson (Peter Killips), Phyllis Taylor (Carole Taylor).